Bedwetting and Laziness, Are They Related?

bedwetting and laziness

It is one of the myths about bedwetting that it is caused by laziness. Your child may hear this myth from another child or from an adult. It can make your child feel as though he or she is not “good enough.”

When your child thinks, “This means I’m lazy.”

Explain to your child how urination works and why some children cannot control their bladder until they are older. Point out all the things that your child does (chores, help, activities, school play) that prove that he or she is not lazy. Discuss what a myth is and explain why some people believe them.

Try saying something like, “Before, doctors didn’t know why some kids wet the bed and some didn’t, and someone thought that maybe it was because some kids were lazy. Now, doctors know that it’s not true. Kids wet the bed because their bodies still need to grow in some ways, but some people haven’t heard of this, and so they still believe the old idea.”

This should help convince your child that the myth is not true.

Myth of Laziness

Myths seems to be a part of our daily life; almost every activity or accident is related to a particular myth, including bed wetting. Yes, bedwetting is very common in a child and probably your little one does it too. For me, it has nothing to do with any myth as experts say when a kid wet the bed, it is because his bladder system is still immature or he has limited ability to control the need. Some people, however, believe that bedwetting is closely related to the myth of laziness. Unfortunately, many children take it seriously which causes false reflection of themselves. In your opinion, do you think bedwetting and laziness are related?

I have to tell you that this is not completely right and you need to safe your child from the wrong assumption because that makes them think bad of themselves. I do not really get the idea what kind of laziness the people refer to as in fact, many active children wet the bed as well. If what they mean is the laziness to go to the toilet before sleeping, then you cannot call it right away as lazy. Children who urinate regularly every 2 or 3 hours have the same probability to bedwetting as those who do not. Why? Because it is definitely not a result of bad habits, instead it is due to incomplete physical development or psychological matters.

Now, how if your child strongly believes in the myth, so when he wets the bed, he really feels it is because of his laziness? You have to take action ASAP, Mom. Do not let the wrong assumption misleads his thought and ruin his self-esteem by doing these:

Tell the truth

To help your child having a better self-image, you must tell the truth that when he wets the bed, it does not mean at all that he is a lazy boy. Tell him what experts say about it that wetting the bed has nothing to do with laziness or other bad attitudes. It is more about his own physical development that needs to improve more and it will be solved as he grows older.

Give evidence

When your kid thinks last night accident happened because he is lazy, give an evidence that it is not true. It will be good if you can find a real proof to ensure him, yet if you cannot, making up a story is the option. Tell him about his relative or your friends’ son who is very active at school but still wet the bed at night. Share the story in such a way that is not exaggerating so he knows it is real. Always remember that you do it only for helping him feel better, not for teasing him.

Offer a solution

If your child believes the laziness to go to the toilet is the culprit for wetting the bed, then offer a solution based on his feeling. Lead him to the toilet before going bed and comfort him that because he has gone to the bathroom, he will have a dry night today. Hopefully that works.

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