“Bedwetting Gives My Mom Lots of Work to Do”

bedwetting work

Ok, this is the cry of most parents who are faced with a child who wets the bed, but your child may also face anxiety about the upheaval that a “wet” night causes, especially if there are other people around to witness the fuss. If your child spends lots of time trying to work with bedwetting remedies or spends extra time cleaning up, he or she may also resent the time and work bedwetting takes up.

When your child thinks, “It takes so much time and work.”

You can make bedwetting less of a problem for you and your child by making clean-up easier. Have your child wear absorbent underpants while trying to control bedwetting, or at least protect the bed and pillows with protective mattress liners. Keep extra bed linens and cleaning products in your child’s room so that clean-up takes only a minute. Do larger loads of laundry to save some time, if you can.

Bedwetting is not only a nightmare for the child, but also the parent as there will be a lot of work to do like changing the sheets, washing the dirty clothes, removing the smelly odor, and many more. You must feel very much frustrated with that, I know. However, there is one thing you probably do not pay attention to: your frustration makes your kid feels guilty for giving you additional house work to do. Do you think he deserves such feeling? The answer is no, dear mom. Bedwetting or nocturnal enuresis is something uncontrollable for your beloved child, especially if he is under 7. This means he will never ever do that if he can because the accident brings him a scar of embarrassment in front of you, his siblings and his schoolmates. It hurts even more when he knows you do not feel good with the additional work he unintentionally gives you. I guess it is not a good mental condition for a little kid, is it?

The embarrassment of doing bedwetting is not that hard to fix, experts say. What you need to do as the parent is helping the kid feeling more comfortable, that bedwetting is a common thing people did when they were a kid, it will not happen again when he grows up, and so on. Now, what about the guilt he has for making his mom do lots of things to clean up the room? In my opinion, reducing this feeling in your kid is not easy nor hard as it depends on his personality whether he can forgive himself easily or not. Yet, still you can help him with this by making the clean-up easier to do. How?

Wear absorbent underpants

One work that is quite frustrating when he wet his bed is washing the wet pants and sheets. What if he wears absorbent underpants? That will be a lot helpful. When you know the kid does bedwetting, if he has absorbent underpants with him, you just need to clean the pants or change them if they are disposable. The sheets will not get dirty because the liquids are absorbed by the underpants thus now, there is less work to do.

Tell him to help

Involving him to help you clean up the room is not a punishment, tell him. This gives him a message that it is OK, mommy is not angry and because my dear boy helps me cleaning up, the work is now easier and faster. While helping you, he will feel there is something he can do thus his mom does not need to do all the frustrating things. In addition, two persons make the work lighter, right?

Do the laundry ASAP

Doing laundry is the hardest part of cleaning up the room. If it is possible, you can do the laundry as soon as possible after the accident. By doing this, your work lasts shorter and your child will not feel guiltier because you still clean his sheets and clothes even in the morning while the accident happened last night.

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