Best Potty Training Books To Help Parents

potty training books

Potty training books will help you in your training process. This having been said, there are many tools out there that can certainly help you to get off to a great start, including terrific books to share with your toddlers. Some of the best books on the market give the parent information on how to work with the toddler to accomplish training while directing some information to attract the toddler’s attention. They are a great way to get a leg up on the process and get the training underway.

Toddlers are known to learn well from books, and toilet training is no exception. Having some toilet training books in your child’s bookshelf is a terrific way to start introducing training ideas and evaluate the toilet training preparedness of your child. The books mentioned below are a combination of silly tales, lift-the-flap publications and easy picture books. These are the best potty training books that have got great reviews from both parents and toddlers.

When selecting a book for potty training there are some key points to remember. First, don’t forget who you are trying to appeal to. Knowing the personality of the child you are going to be working with in your quest to conquer the potty will go a long way to finding the book that can make a real difference. Also keep in mind that children of this age are very into the story line but definitely are drawn to the right illustrations. Make sure that you choose a book that has an attractive cover and appealing illustrations that the child can relate to in order to get them involved in the story. This will give training a personal attachment for them that will work to your advantage when you are in the midst of trying to win the potty game.

Best potty training books for parents to help them in their endeavor.


Potty Training in 3 Days
If your kid seems prepared for toilet training, but is not willing to start, perhaps this book can help you with what’s missing. ‘Potty Training in 3 Days’ is one of the top potty training books available on the market today.

potty training in 3 days book

The Potty
A favorite title for many parents and kids alike is the book Potty written by Mylo Freeman. This book is a great story using animals to get the point across about the process of going potty and what it is all about. This book will help parents to relate the information to the child and give them some verbal tools to use going forward. This is a great way to convince a child to give going potty on the toilet a try. Using the jungle and its animal world as a setting for potty training is a brilliant idea and appeals to nearly every child, particularly the little boys with the wild imaginations. If your child is an animal enthusiast, this book will hit the chord. In this book, all the animals of the jungle try sitting on a potty. Each animal tries his best to fit in the potty; but the potty fits only when a young African comes along to claim the “throne.”

the potty book
It’s Potty Time
This book is part of a series of publications featuring the events of life in a really practical way. The pictures are clear and colorful, as well as the text offers encouragement that can help improve your child’s self-confidence. Furthermore, it is a board book; therefore, it will help keep your child in the bathroom for many hours.

it's potty time book
I Want My Potty
Another excellent option for books to help you convince your small tot to give the potty a try is a book called I Want My Potty written by Tony Ross. This is a great book with a terrific concept. Even though the main character in the story is a princess, the concept appeals to most toddlers. This is the story of the little princess who is done with wearing diapers and dealing with what comes with them. She decides that the very best way to get rid of the diaper issue is by tackling the use of the potty. The book puts the control in the hands of the toddler giving them the power to take over the potty challenge. The book will attract many young kids, especially the little divas out there. Princess finds that using the potty is the simplest way to rid herself of baby diapers, though it is not always easy.

i want my potty book
Lift The Lid, Use The Potty!
This is an interactive board book with flaps to lift and stickers to serve as rewards. The book comes with instructions printed in a step-by – step manner encouraging kids to follow a routine.

lift the lid use the potty
Koko Bear’s New Potty
Vicki Lansky, known for her parenting publications, has compiled this book on potty training that parents and kids can read together. Koko, a bear, finds that potty control is one thing that comes with age, experiencing achievements and setbacks along the way.

koko bear's new potty book
Once Upon a Potty
This creation by Alona Frankel is among the first publications on potty training available for kids. It’s no real surprise that this book has the credentials of a classic. It has simple, vibrant artwork that manages to show the “poop” in very real terms. In addition, the book can be found in VHS and DVD format.

once upon a time potty book
The Potty Book
This book is another traditional potty training book. It was printed in 1978, but has recently been updated and is also available in a durable board book format. The tone of the book is specifically aimed towards young children who may be reluctant to start using the potty.

the potty book for boys
How To Potty Train Your Monster
This is a foolish book which is actually great for both parents and toddlers. It is made to be read aloud and carries instructions on how to potty train monsters. This book also includes instructions on how to be calm and polite when accidents happen. While young kids will enjoy the silly actions of the monsters, the concepts talked about can be easily applied to their own toilet training procedure. The sketches in this toilet training book are fun as well, with lots of scaly, vibrant-colored monsters making the characters alive.

how to potty train your monster
Go, Girl! Go Potty!
It’s difficult for me to not laugh whenever I read this toilet training book aloud. You will find flaps to lift all over the book as different creatures sit on a potty to find out if they are the one who is able to use it. Because young children love absurd things, the sketches of sheep using potties will probably be a hit. In the end, nevertheless, the potty finds its ideal match in the form of a young girl, providing you an opportunity to talk about toilet training with your own little one. This is one of the best potty training books for girls.

go girl go potty
No Potty! Yes, Potty!
This is one among potty training books for boys that is recommended by experts. This book can be compared to “Go Girl! Go potty!” except it is aimed towards young boys. It has similar flaps to open up and the same absurdness that kids enjoy, but with a boy protagonist.

no potty yes potty

In summary

Using these potty training books can be an excellent first step towards introducing toilet training concepts to your child. Many of these books are also available in ebook formats. Potty training ebooks can also be useful if the child is old enough to enjoy them on a tablet or a PC. These books will help reduce the fear and anxiety in the child so that he could be at ease with this important step of his life.

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