Best Potties For Your Toddler

A good potty has a great role to play in potty training a toddler. In addition, some potties come with fun designs that encourage the kids to use them. The potty chairs mentioned in this article are among the best available in the market. They come in a number of designs to suit everybody’s needs.

Here are some of the best potties for potty training your toddler


1. LumiPotti

LumiPotti was invented by two mums Rachael and Kerry, who were frustrated by the lack of toilet training products that would truly help children master potty training through every stage, all the way from day to night time. LumiPotti has been designed to encourage a child’s natural progress until they are confident day and night time nappy free.


lumipotti green

2. Boon potty bench

This contemporary potty chair will fit into any toilet. It offers all the features that small kids need for potty training. It has a built-in toilet paper holder and a convenient splash guard. It is also easy to clean, thanks to the pullout drawer available for cleanup. Side drawers have space to keep all toilet training accessories you might need. When this potty chair is all folded up, it turns into a one step stool that even grown ups can safely use. The cost of this chair is around $ 50.

boon potty bench


3. Fisher Price Froggy Friend Potty Chair

This Fisher Price product does not have many fancy functions, but it is engaging and adorable for young children due to its fun frog theme. This is one among the best potties for boys due to its integrated mudguard feature. These integrated mudguards are placed higher than most of the potty chairs available in the market. If you are on a budget, the cost won’t hurt, either. This is one of the most recommended potties and will cost only $ 15.

fisher price froggy friend potty chair

4. Baby Bjorn Potty Seat

Baby Bjorn’s potty chair is favorite among modern mothers and fathers, thanks to its fun colors and basic design. The high back offers a great support and a place to rest comfortably. This comfort is vital for success because potty training sometimes entails long waits on the potty chair. If lights and sounds seem to sidetrack your child, such easy and comfortable baby potties are the ones you should go for.

babybjorn potty chair

5. Fisher Price Cheer for Me Potty Chair

A child-sized edition of the grownup potty can just motivate your child to begin potty training. This brings it into the category of potties for bigger toddlers. The lid of the potty moves down and up and when your child is successful at using this potty chair, you will find songs and encouraging words play as a reward. This potty chair can be initially used on the floor, but it can also transform into a potty seat that can be used on top of the standard toilet seat.

fisher price cheer for me potty chair

6. Summer Infant Potty Trainer

Due to its unique and girly design, this potty chair is among favorite potties for girls. There is a plastic front guard available, which can be detached depending on the needs. Some parents don’t like the concept of plastic front guards, so being able to remove them is certainly a plus. There are handles available for better stability and the seat is padded for extra comfort. A toilet paper holder is built into the side, and there is a wipes holder present on the back. The seat easily comes out and can easily fit into an adult toilet. The rest of the potty chair then turns into a step stool. Summer infant potty trainer is among the best potties for toddlers.

summer infant potty trainer

7. Safety first Jack Potty Chair

If your little one needs brilliant lights and sound effects as an encouragement for toilet training, then this potty chair is the one you should go for. The back of this potty seat looks like a slot machine, where a big red handle can be pulled to spin the shapes and flash the lights. This will allow the child to have some fun with the potty at the start of toilet training process. The seat easily comes off to turn into a potty seat that can be used on regular toilets.

safety first jack potty chair

8. Security 1st nature Next Potty Chair

It is the most plain-looking potty seat compared to the ones mentioned above, but safety 1st Nature Next potty seat has some interesting functions that can make it your favorite. This potty seat costs less and is made from bio- plastic materials derived from renewable plant resources rather than fossil fuels. The potty seat has a detachable bowl for quick cleaning, and it can convert into a potty seat for adults. This potty seat is available in Walmart stores and Amazon for about $ 20.

security 1st nature next potty chair

As stated before, toilet training an essential milestone for children and parents both. Consequently, to make the transition from diapers to the potty as entertaining and easy as possible, parents should buy the potty seat that fits their child’s character. The perfect potty chair for the child will be worth every penny since it builds the child’s self-confidence and helps make the child feel more confident throughout training process.

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