Child May Feel Bad After Bedwetting

feel bad bedwetting

Many children think that not controlling their bladder at night makes them “bad.” This may come from a few places. Children may hear adults saying “bad” to children who have had an accident (they may even see this on television). Children may also pick up on their parents’ frustration with having to clean the sheets and bed after an accident. The extra work a parent has to do, along with the frustration, can make a child feel guilty or even that he or she is unloved.

When your child thinks, “Does this mean that I’m ‘bad’?”

When your kid reaches the first year of his life, you will be very happy as well as nervous because it almost the time to teach him many things, including potty training to avoid bedwetting. Yes, although this is a very common thing that happens to children, bedwetting has always become a particular problem both for the kid and his parents. For sure the accident leaves a scar in his tender feeling and also gives extra work for you as the parent to do like change the sheets right after he does that, clear the odor in the bed room and clean his body. I know exactly all those things are very frustrating, but do you even know that your little one feels worse every time he looks at your sour face? The expression you show when cleaning up all the mess will make him thinks “Oh, I am a bad kid, really. I made my mom stayed awake at night and she looks unhappy with that”.

Reassure your child that urination is a body process and that it simply takes longer for some children to control their bladder. Continue to praise your child when he or she makes it to the bathroom in time, and never scold or punish your child for accidents. Make clean-up as easy on you as possible so that your child will not see you frustrated or upset as a result of bedwetting.

Dear Moms, I should tell you that bedwetting is actually normal to happen in kids who are 1 to 5 years old or even older and it is something they cannot control. If your lovely child can choose, I am quite sure he prefers not doing that and add more work for you; without your scolds, he has suffered from guilt. As a parent, what you need to do is giving support by comforting you kid, that he is not a bad boy. Bedwetting is something everyone once did in their life and that does not make them bad people. What else you can do for him?

Keep calm

You know, your kid will feel guilty and thinks he is a bad kid for wetting the bed. What does it mean? Without giving any punishment or unpleasant comment, bedwetting accident has made him depressed. If you want to help him with his thought that he is bad, the first thing you can do is just keep calm when you discover what he did. Try to manage you emotion so you are able to clean up the mess easily and your child does not feel badly bad.

No scolding, please

A good parent always understands what her child feels and experiences, especially in his lowest point when he is extremely sad and down. You know well bedwetting is something uncontrollable for him and that makes your kid feels so bad and guilty, so you are not supposed to be angry. Never ever scold him for this because your action will not give any betterment both for your additional work and his mental condition.

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