Children Often Feel Embarrassed


Children often feel embarrassed by urinating at night, especially since it makes them feel that they are doing something embarrassing, hidden, or upsetting. For many children, processes like urination and body parts associated with urination are embarrassing. Bedwetting just highlights all the embarrassment that children feel about the whole topic.

When your child thinks, “I’m embarrassed.”

You can help your child by repeatedly explaining that there is nothing to be ashamed of. Speaking frankly of body parts and processes can help, as can explaining frankly how the body creates urine and what happens when people wake up in time or don’t wake up in time to urinate. This will demystify the process for your child and make it seem less of an embarrassing thing.

Have you ever asked your children what are they afraid of the most when night comes and bed time approaches? Probably darkness will be the first answer and followed by nightmares. Yes, many children are afraid of those two things, yet I guess not all parents are aware of the fact that there is one more condition their children are scared of, bedwetting. Though before going bed your beloved son or daughter has gone to the toilet, sometimes in the middle of their sleep they unconsciously urinate on the bed. Of course, this gives you one more work to do in the morning as you have to clean up the mess and shower your kids while you already have piles of daily activities to do. However, do you think this accident does not leave any scar on your little ones?

For your information, children often feel embarrassed by urinating at night. Sure, additional work to clean up the bed is frustrating for you, but when you see your kids feel very much embarrassed at what happened last night, what do you feel as the parent? In my opinion, you have to pay more attention to the psychological effect like this because when children feel embarrassed, usually it lasts long. For adults, last night is just last night, yet kids probably do not think that way particularly if the sister or brother knows what they did. At this point, you have to help them manage their feeling:

Stop comparing

For children, bedwetting is a very embarrassing accident especially if their siblings know about it. I know your feeling of frustration when cleaning up all the mess, but please always remember that the children suffer more. Therefore, if making comparison between siblings is your habit, stop doing that. Instead, you can make a sharing time with the whole family members, talking about bedwetting experience they have. In this way, your little ones will not feel alone and think that it just normal. Nothing to be ashamed of.

Give explanation

Another way to overcome the embarrassment in your kids is by explaining how their body works so they urinate. You can do this in a simple way to make sure they understand what you are talking about. By understanding the process of urination, it is expected they can take what happened last night as a common thing many people do but next time, they just need to be more aware of their needs to go to toilet.

Be sensitive

Sometimes, adults think that bedwetting is just a funny thing to talk about or make a joke of. This is definitely not good to do particularly when you know your children are ashamed of it. As the parent you will never do that to your kids, but their siblings may take it as a joke. You need to know, this is not only the kids’ problem; this is everybody’s concern in the home. Thus, tell all family members to be sensitive and help the little ones to feel better. It’s the time when they need supports, right?

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