Guide to Baby Gender Reveal Etiquette

baby gender reveal

Guests are typically not expected to bring a gift to a reveal event, but many do, and they opt for something gender neutral.

Parents are advised not to construct a gift registry for a gender reveal party if they plan to have a shower.

One of the hottest pregnancy trends is parents-to-be announcing the sex of their bun-in- the-oven at a gender reveal party.

A little planning will make this a great event, says Gender Reveal Surprise.

Along with the popularity of such parties, assorted questions about party etiquette have emerged. No matter if you are pregnant and planning, or have been invited, you will be enlightened as we address decorum queries in full.

Are Reveals a Baby Shower Replacement?

This is by far the source of the most widespread confusion. The truth is, they are not a replacement at all, although some parents opt to combine the two.

In an instance where they are not combined, the reveal is a casual event that gathers close friends and family to learn the gender in a fun, spirited manner. Reveal parties are most normally held shortly after the conclusion of the first trimester, so that there is an appropriate span of time between the party and the eventual baby shower.

What About Gifts?

Celebrating the the gender is fully intended to be a lighthearted affair, sans gifts.

The sole fanfare should be the moment faces light up when seeing pink or blue!

Who Hosts and Attends?

Because it is proud expectant parents who wish to disclose the classified information that close family and friends are so eager to hear, it is normally the parents who host.

There are some who want to find out the gender of their baby alongside of their guests, and this is easily accomplished if someone close can be trusted to keep their lips sealed! The doctor’s office will put the gender information in an envelope, and that can be passed on to the person in charge of orchestrating the perfect reveal that is a surprise for both pregnant parents and guests.

Hosts can still have input on how the unveiling occurs. Not so long ago the most common way to reveal was for a baker to fill a cake with blue or pink frosting, but that idea has been done to death, and there are many more expressive, exciting options available today.

Now you see confetti and powder cannons, surprise balloons and smoke bombs. In fact, says the Gender Reveal Surprise blog, one of their favorite themes is balloons–turned into pinatas. Whack it until it opens and blue or pink confetti comes out.  Or, decorate with tutus or bow ties.

The Venu?

Without a doubt, these jovial events are fun for those who have a vested interest in the gender, so the intent is to enjoy an intimate gathering with those who are genuinely excited about the forthcoming revelation.

Since the attendee count should be modest, hosting at one’s home is typical, although small venues might be more appropriate if space is an issue.

Rule #1 Is To Have Fun!

Remember it’s a joyful event, so enjoy the fact that loved ones are excited about the upcoming life change and wish to celebrate it.

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