How to Choose Potty Training Pants for Your Kid

potty training pants

It’s a bold step to move a baby from diapers to potty training pants. It’s something they have to be ready for. Toilet training is one of the biggest and most important achievements for both toddlers and their parents for several reasons. It marks the ending of the baby years and brings new freedom to the family because there is now something the child can do for itself without assistance, besides hold a bottle. It means that the other members no longer need to change the child’s diapers.

During this key transition, parents understandably want everything to go smoothly. Many of them realize that having the right supplies helps that to happen. Preventing frequent clothing changes while giving the child liberty from diapers means using the best potty training pants. Read on to learn how to choose or search more tips here.

Are Gender Specific Training Pants the Best?

best potty training pants

Most disposable training pants come gender specific, but this isn’t always the case when it comes to pants made of cloth or plastic. If there’s anything about these pants that specify the gender they’re for, it’s usually the color alone.

Besides style, the only other benefit to gender specific disposable training pants is the location of maximum absorbency. The potty training pants for boys comes with the strongest absorbency in the front while potty training pants for girls offers this protection in the seat.

Although many brands of pull-up disposable underwear for toddlers boast having indicators in their product, such as color changes and allowing the feeling of wetness, to help speed the training process, there are other options that are more earth-friendly and naturally offer the same benefit of letting the child feel the fact that they’ve wet themselves.

The Pros and Cons of Cloth Potty Training Pants

cloth potty training pantsMany shy away from cloth as a material when choosing underwear for toilet training. They worry that the soft material will allow leaks when the child doesn’t make it to the toilet on time. Having to clean up the mess that could result can wreak havoc on a busy schedule.

One of the benefits of using cloth is that the toddler can feel when they’re wet. This heightens their awareness and can shorten the time it takes for them to be trained. Those who value this benefit over concerns of leaks often choose to use a waterproof covering over cloth training pants in order to limit the mess made.

There are even more benefits of using cloth training pants, such as the eco-friendliness. These cloth pants also help to save money, being washable and reusable. Many parents using cloth on their toddlers have no more trouble cleaning their child up after an accident than those who use disposables. That is, if they make the right pick when shopping for training pants.

While there are some challenges experienced by those who opt for cloth, there’s a compromise between disposable and cloth where it’s not even necessary to use plastic potty training pants over the cloth. These 2-in-1 cloth and waterproof pants protect from leaks and allow the sensation of wetness.

How to Buy Waterproof Cloth Training Pants

waterproof potty training pants

Parents that like the idea of protecting the environment and saving money on an effective transitional underwear quickly turn to cotton-lined waterproof potty training pants. However, some brands are better than others. It’s very important to shop for these wisely.

Sizing is one of the biggest concerns. Many of them design their smallest size to fit an average, healthy two-year-old. They’ve missed the fact that many babies start claiming their independence a lot sooner. The parents end up struggling to find training pants small enough to fit. When the pants are too large they simply don’t provide adequate leak protection.

Absorbency is another important factor, but it doesn’t end there. Parents don’t want to clean up after a big accident but they also want the transitional underwear to be soft and feel more like real underwear. Moreover, the pants must be easy to change and easy for the child to pull up and down on their own. Maybe that’s a tall order, but there are some training pants out there that meet the criteria.

Why Scotty Potty and Patty Potty Training Pants are Highly Recommended

The smaller sizes available are just one of the benefits of Potty Patty and Potty Scotty training pants, making them the only pick for some parents. This brand offers a size that’s small enough to fit a baby that’s 22lbs. They offer both cloth and cloth over waterproof 2 in 1 toddler underwear in a very wide range of sizes.

Potty Scotty and Potty Patty training pants are gender specific. Potty Patty is the potty training pants girls need and Potty Scotty is for boys. Both come with a super-absorbent core that keeps leaks at bay while still allowing the child to sense the wetness.

potty patty training pants

An additional benefit is that these underwear have an outer waterproof layer that’s very soft, making them feel more like real underwear to the touch. Most toddlers won’t have any trouble pulling the pants on and off, allowing them to be more independent, which is essential as they learn to go to the bathroom on their own.

Parents also like the fact that these trainers withstand heavy use. The pants stay in good condition through several washes and many have found they can save the set they purchased for one child to train their younger siblings. This helps save a great deal of money.

Choose the Supplies That Make Achieving the Goal Easier

Toilet training is a learning experience for both new parents and their children. Not having the right equipment can make the ordeal a more stressful one for all involved. For this reason, it’s important to be a very smart shopper when choosing training pants. The pants must prevent messes and make changing easier while granting the child the freedom to pull their underwear up and down on their own and experience what wearing real underwear feels like. There are very few training pants on the market that can satisfy all of these needs, but those that do help make training a positive experience.

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