How To Potty Train a Stubborn Boy

how to potty train a stubborn boy

Under normal circumstances, toilet training can be quite difficult, but things get even more challenging when your son is stubborn and doesn’t even want to listen to you. If you have a boy and you need to potty train him, then you should know that compared to girls, you’ll need to spend a bit more time with boys. However, once you’re sure that your little boy is ready to train, you can use a few tactics and tricks in your training efforts that will eventually help you with achieving success. Below, we’ll take a closer look at them so you can understand what you can and can’t do when teaching your son and how to potty train a stubborn boy.

Is he ready?

One of the first things you’ll need to look for is the sign of readiness. If your son is a bit stubborn, then the worst mistake you could make is to consider training him before he is comfortable with the idea. If you want to train your son, he’ll need to be able to get out and in of his clothes so he can use the potty. On the other hand, he’ll also need to get on and off the potty. This brings you to a point in which you’ll need to make him be interested in the activity and also ensure he understands potty vocabulary.

The right equipment

If you’ve asked for some toilet training tips from your friends or you maybe even looked up some online, you may have noticed that the majority of them recommended you to get some training equipment. This means that you’ll either need a step stool so your son can use the big potty or a training potty. Buying underwear should also be on the list and it’s up to your son to choose the one he likes best. Next, you may want to consider some books as well, because your son will be really excited as you’ll read them to him.

Dressing up

stubborn boy

While training, you’ll need to ensure your son is dressed up in clothes that are easy for him to pull down and pull up. For instance, you could go for sweatpants, because they don’t have any buttons or zippers to navigate. If it’s easy for your little boy to get his pants down, then you’ll minimize the risks of accidents a lot. When you decide to finally begin the training, you should dedicate a few days for it. If it’s a time that’s stressful for your child, be sure you re-schedule it.

Sitting him down

Your child should be sat on the potty even though he does not really have to go. Before he’ll sit up, be sure you tell him to sit on the potty for at least 3 to 5 minutes. However, if he doesn’t go potty, then you’ll need to take him back in thirty minutes, but if he does go, bring him back in one hour.

Make it fun

Going to the bathroom should be portrayed as something fun to your son, so that he sees it as something he likes doing. For instance, you could use Cheerios or any other type of cereals you want and put it in the toilet, so that your son can practice his aim when peeing. To make things even more exciting, you could come up with a poem or a song the two of you will recite or sing when he’ll use the bathroom.

Rewards are important

When he goes to the bathroom on the potty, you’ll need to reward your child appropriately. The majority of tips on potty training deeply emphasize this so on top of praising your son’s efforts, you should also offer him an incentive he loves. For example, every time he goes to the bathroom successfully, you could offer him a chocolate bar.

Don’t rush it

potty training stubborn boyIt’s important to understand that training may take a while and rushing it won’t do any good. If you are stressed about how things are going, you’ll only manage to put pressure on your son, so if he has accidents don’t scold him: encouraging him and smiling is a much better way of dealing with the situation.

As you can see, teaching your son is not as difficult as you might think and it only takes a bit of patience and time. With these tips on how to potty train a stubborn boy, any parent will be successful with their efforts of training their son.

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