I Wet The Bed Again, Will It Lasts Forever?

i wet the bed again will it last forever

‘Last night my son wet the bed terribly. I did not tell him that I was frustrated due to the accident and told him it was OK, but he surprisingly said it was not fine and nothing we could do about that’. I heard this story a couple of days ago from my friend who has a 5-year-old son and I felt sorry; not particularly for the mom but rather for the boy. Of course my friend has to do additional work due to the bedwetting, who else will do that for the little one. As an adult, I believe she can control her emotion and feeling towards it yet it does not work for the boy. He feels very bad and pessimistic about his condition that he will always wet the bed and bedwetting will be inseparable part of his life. Can you imagine how much suffering is the feeling for a child?

For children, time passes differently. A problem they have had for weeks may well seem forever. If they are the last children in their class or group of friends to wet the bed, they may feel that their problem will last “forever.” Children who feel this may get discouraged and upset by the problem.

When your child thinks, “This will never get better.”

Reassure your child that the problem is temporary. If possible, have other family members discuss their own bedwetting experiences (and how they overcame it) with your child. Collect stories in the press of celebrities who wet the bed as children but outgrew it (celebrities will sometimes mention this sort of thing – or their biographers will – in interviews). This will help convince your child that the problem is only temporary.

When you have a similar problem as my friend, I am sure as a parent you are going to try hard to help your kid both with the wet sheets and the feelings he has. Especially for the mental condition, I am telling you not to take it easy because if that lasts long, your beloved child can probably lose his self-esteem due to the embarrassment and guilt. Wet the bed is not a big problem if you see it from a more positive viewpoint, dear moms. Sometimes, he does it because he has problems at school which make him scared or nervous; then, wet the bed is an alarm for you to have better communication with your child. Therefore, if he thinks it cannot be cured, try to comfort him:

It is just normal to wet the bed

You know, this is not merely my opinion that bedwetting is just normal if your kid has not been more than 7 years old. You probably have started potty training since he was just 3, yet the ability to control bladder may come in different time for each child. Even adults once were in this point, right? Share with him.

It is not a habit

This the most important thing you need to explain to your kid that it is not a habit at all, which means it will not last forever. This accident can stop when he has a more mature bladder system or the problems that bother him are solved. Instead of pushing him by scolding or yelling, you had better talking to him and find out the problems.

It can be helped

Definitely, there are many things you can do to help your kid. One of the ways is making urinating schedule. Every time he wants to sleep, for example, lead him to the toilet although he does really want to urinate. When he has dinner, he must drink something and going to the toilet before sleeping can minimize the probability to wet the bed; and this makes him feels better.

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