Is It Fine to Give Early Potty Training?

early potty training
Early potty training has become a trend among parents who want their child to be independent in doing his or her toilet business as soon as possible. Well, there is nothing wrong with your intention to train your child using the toilet in early ages considering this ability is formed through a habit; it takes some times until he can do that perfectly.

Although in general the training is done when your little one is 18 months or up, early potty training enables you to introduce the potty chair as well as the real toilet later on before the age, say 17 months old. Some other people with different cultures like India and China even potty train their kid when he or she is only one month and a half!

Quite surprising, isn’t it? This fact is the evidence that early potty training 18 months or far before the age is a common practice around the world that you can agree or disagree with.

Early potty training pros and cons

Talking about agree and disagree, early potty training boys and early potty training girls have some pros and cons in which both sides are based on strong logical reasons. Early potty training pros and cons are basically started from the readiness of your child as the first consideration to go through the process.

You know Moms, you cannot push your kid to pee or poo in the potty unless he is willing to do that to avoid the so-called trauma. But of course, this is not the only reason for the debate. Therefore, before deciding to potty train your child in early ages or after two, see the pros and cons below:

The pros

Many sources mention that one of early potty training tips is that letting your child observe how his mom or dad uses the toilet; many people think a kid in an early age has been able to do this. The longer he observes, the faster the willingness will grow. It is not merely an opinion; Brazelton in 1962 has mentioned it too.

Moreover, when you do toilet training to your child earlier, indirectly you give extra time for him to learn the process. If people believe at the age of two a child has to be well-trained or at least has started the training, as the result, they tend to push their kid to fulfill the expectation. Unfortunately, this action prolongs the process because your child is depressed.

Meanwhile, when you train your little one before two, your child is given more time to learn and take the step by step slowly but sure. In this way, he can master the toilet skill better and if you apply the right early potty training methods, the result will be more amazing.

The cons

Even though toilet training before 18 months can give your child extra time to go through the process, some experts say early training is counterproductive. The first thing that becomes the concern is early potty training psychological effects. Every child has his own time to be ready using the potty which means your child and his brother may have different time.

When you push your child to do toilet training while he is not ready for that, he will feel stressful. In this under pressured situation, he cannot control the bladder that you expect and wetting the bed can be the consequence of it. If he is still comfortable with his diaper, why you take it away from him while he has more than enough time to do the training?

An early potty training book probably does not mention this, but do you know that the readiness of your child also depends on the maturity of his neural and bladder system? When the system is immature, it is normal for your child to be unable to resist the urge to pee or poo and you have to say thanks to the diapers as they facilitate the maximum growth of his bladder.

Toilet training is about how your child control the needs to go to the toilet in the right time; imagine if his bladder has not developed completely, is there any benefit to ask him going to the bathroom?

In addition, some research state that when your child resists the urge because he is afraid of you, muscles in his bladders and rectum become thicker and it becomes difficult for him to feel the natural urge to go to the toilet. So, considering the plus and minus, you can decide when to start the training.

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