Let Potty Training Dolls Help You!

potty training doll

When you are busy finding the best tip to train your child going to the toilet, there is actually one nice way out for that. Yes, it is potty training dolls. If you are not familiar with that, let me tell you briefly that a potty training doll is a great help for you to show your child how he is supposed to use his potty as well as showing him the scenario he does to finally end up with peeing or pooping.

Many people believe that using a potty doll for toilet training can ease their kids to follow every single step of the process, so I think it is a good idea for you to try this method.

Many potty training tips say that the first thing that determines the success of the training is the readiness of your child, regardless his age. The same consideration should be taken too when you decide to get and use a potty training doll to help your child recognizing the urge and control his bladder. Why you still need to think of this aspect?

You know, the awareness of the needs to go to the bathroom depends on the neural and bladder system development of your child, thus if the systems are immature, no matter you purchase the best potty training doll or not, he will not be interested in it.

By the time the systems are well-developed, your little one may be curious on the potty and this is when you let him observe how his mom and dad use the toilet, in a different way. As the doll works as a more interesting model of observation, you have to wait until he comes closer and touches it by himself.

Besides working as a cute and helpful role model for your child, the doll has some more advantages you must consider. Once you realize this is really awesome, you will directly go to the store to get one:

Potty training doll is like a toy!

Most children love toys, including dolls. A doll is a doll, but this one is different because you are talking about potty training dolls that wet. While they think you have a new toy for him, he will be excited and with such a good mood, it will be easier for you to slowly train him. Ask your child to play the doll with you and make a scenario of a story based on his daily routine.

For example, the doll wakes up in the morning and it drinks milk like what your child usually does. After playing with him, the doll suddenly wants to go the toilet. At this point, you can show your kid how to use the potty and why.

The same thing happens when you want to teach him how to use the potty for poo. You know, nowadays you also have potty training dolls that poop in stores, so you are able to do toilet training for all the businesses at once. Besides saving more time to train your kid, the great visual aids give him pleasant experience of doing toilet training that is good for his psychological condition.

It is a friend of your child

Most children will take their toys and as friends, this is the best part of the dolls. With all the benefits, it is great that you little one makes a friend with it. Furthermore, do you know that a little kid love imitating another child? Your child sees the doll as hid friend, thus when it uses the potty, there is a big possibility for him to do the same thing. In other words, this doll does not only show the use of the toilet, but also encourage your child to be well-trained.

It is for boys and girls

Even though this is merely a visual aid for potty training, but the doll is produced to fulfil your little prince’s or princess’ needs. If you have a baby girl who are about to learn how to use her potty, you can purchase beautiful potty training dolls for girls with their own bottles and potties. Meanwhile, for your lovely baby boy, get potty training dolls for boys with cool outfit and handsome face.

These two different types of dolls are able to provide perfect views of how different genders use the toilet. What is more surprising is that, some dolls even come with perfect and correct anatomy that enables you to share the process of peeing. What a complete aid for toilet training!

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