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The life of every little tot revolves around going to the potty. It is a big deal when they learn to use the toilet like a big kid and can graduate from pull-ups. They actually look forward to it. The first time elimination is achieved outside the diaper is a landmark day. After all, mastering the art of peeing is a really big deal! Discussion of toilet training and learning control is extensive in most families, and ideas abound about how to do it wisely and well. To make the process more fun and inviting, potty songs have developed over many generations to accompany the event. Even those children who don’t need encouragement enjoy the attention from a parent that a lively tune brings. The best potty training songs for kids are pretty well-known and widespread. A little poking around online is all it takes.

There seem to be cultural traditions involved in the acquisition of a favorite potty song. There are variations in potty songs and rhymes, and lyrics can be rather amusing. One wonders how parents can keep a straight face. The smiles they bring make it worth the effort to add a few new ones to the repertoire. Use trial and error and stay with what works best.The selection will become a theme song in your family for optimal performance. Make them interactive (sing-a-long) to engage procrastinators and “let’s go wee-wee.” Remember, it begins as a game before it becomes natural.

Some pretty cute examples can be seen on YouTube. In addition, Elmo potty song is legendary and guaranteed to put the little ones at ease during a potentially stressful time. (Accidents will happen!) The tunes are catchy enough and engaging—based on familiar melodies like Someone’s in the Kitchen with Dinah and I’ve Been Working on the Railroad (which becomes “I’ve Been Sitting on the Potty). They actually explain the procedure so parents don’t have to. You can even buy an accompanying Sesame Street Elmo Adventure Potty Chair and books like Too Big for Diapers. You are never alone when Elmo is around! These potty training songs for toddlers are classics by now and are likely to be passed on to future offspring and their offspring to come. They help a baby relax, are entertaining, and create a welcome parental-child bond. You can let siblings, grandparents, and babysitters indulge as well. It can be a bright, positive approach for everyone.

While Elmo potty song may be enough inspiration for that special time, other tunes are a nice alternative for parents hoping for a little more variety. While preferences vary, the potty song of choice often include some to which you can dance along and make merry. Use hand gestures and pantomime. For ideas, go to YouTube and search “potty training songs”. There are many toilet training lyrics out there. With names like Tinkle, Tinkle on the Potty, Potty Song Blues, and Gruntin’ and Dumpin’ you can have hours of chortles, chuckles, and belly laughs to brighten your day. Don’t underestimate the power of “Flush the Magic Dragon.”

You can refer to numerous cartoon videos (“Prince Wednesday goes to the Potty” from Mister Rogers archive) and real life movies (“The Potty Song”) on line to add a visual experience for your little trouper. You can buy CDs such as “Potty Animal” from apple.com or “Once Upon a Potty” at Amazon. Get them all if money is no object so you will never run out! Some parents enjoy using a doll that croons when its tummy is pressed such as “Go Baby, Bo Potty” or a toy like “Potty Patty.” A musical toilet could be your child’s ticket to ride. Even Snoop Dogg has gotten into the act with his rap version for hip parents (written for his toddler triplets) called Drop it in the Pot. Hilarious! This has become a real vocation (or avocation) for many people with a growing industry revolving around the porcelain throne.

Creative nurturers may even elect to create their own versions to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb or Itsy Bitsy Spider, or pen just a bit of verse if a budding poet dwells within. The more stupid the better! Your offspring will appreciate the inspired compositions written especially for them. They can even do it with you. Use their names as your best bet. Learn what your kids like and don’t hesitate to repeat as often as required. The familiar is your friend. After all, toileting is a multi-day activity with no end in sight! Words like “poo poo” and “bum” are a-okay.

Potty time is fun
Potty time is at night or during the day
Get ready for adventure
Sit right down and play


It’s your time on the potty
Have a great,successful go
Just like the big kid that you are
With evidence to show

In sum, don’t be afraid to use songs for toddlers to instigate and acknowledge the process of attending to toilet needs. They are part of the traditional training required to get the little ones to perform properly and to minimize delays. Parents worry about the timeliness of their kids’ development toilet training occurs from 18-24 months according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Don’t panic if it takes slightly more time. They want everything to go by the book. You can move everything along with a little incentive help from the music masters who have constructed playful tunes that accompany the fundamental functions of human life. Use potty songs like a reward system that can be used consistently. Make them short, upbeat, and catchy; and they will make your parental life that much easier and more rewarding—if you don’t die laughing! Let music and lyrics turn hassle into happiness for everyone involved.

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