LumiPotti – The Only Complete Potty Training Product

Potty Training In The Dark?

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You wouldn’t would you? Can you just imagine the spills and the near misses that you would be clearing up if you even tried!

Potty training your little one from day-time to night-time can be messy and a little bit daunting for both of you. So making night time potty training as easy and stress free as possible is important – we all know what sleep deprivation feels like.

We know that no one would probably like to go back to those early days of parenthood when everything was a bit of a blur and you can’t remember much. This is where LumiPotti comes in, the potty with the built in night light, taking you from day to night in easy steps.

About LumiPotti

LumiPotti was invented by two mums Rachael and Kerry, who were frustrated by the lack of toilet training products that would truly help children master potty training through every stage, all the way from day to night time. LumiPotti has been designed to encourage a child’s natural progress until they are confident day and night time nappy free.

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LumiPotti’s Night Light
  • The LumiPotti night light is movement activated, so you don’t have to worry about the light being left on and disturbing your little one. However, as soon as they sit up, the light will come on, gently guiding them to where the LumiPotti is situated in the room. The night light even has a smile.
  • The night light is also photo sensitive and will only operate in dim or dark rooms and won’t be going off all the time during the day, or when you have the light on in their room.
  • After your little one has finished and they are back in bed the night light will switch itself off, after 60 seconds of no movement, letting them drift back to their dreams.

The Lumipotti has been designed for comfort, with a tall back rest, high front peak and steep bowl. This is one potty that your little one will be comfortable on. This all helps when you are trying to encourage them to start sitting on the potty to get used to it.

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Benefits Of Using A LumiPotti
  • It is the only complete toilet training product available that will take you from day to night time potty training.
  • Made from anti-microbial plastic helping the fight against harmful bacteria.
  • Builds potty training confidence through all the stages of your child’s potty training journey.
  • Saves money – continuing on the success of the day time training, your night time potty training will reduce the amount of nappies your child will need at night by on average 300 nappies per child.
  • Reduces the need to buy a separate night light, potty and night time nappies.
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