PeapodMats- Great Solution For BedWetting


PeapodMats are the perfect solution for bed wetting. One thing you would have noticed about having a baby in the house is that you may end up doing lot more laundry than you’d expect…and it’s the thing that doesn’t end! Frustrated with bed wetting? Tired of changing and making the bed every day?

The tried and tested PeapodMats are so fantastic! They have a top layer of cotton terry towel that’s so breathable and soft, and their middle layer is made of cushioning fibers that can easily absorb large amounts of liquid. These mats have few stitched grind lines that prevent them from getting all wonky and bunched up. The bottom layer of these waterproof potty training mats is coated and brushed to made to prevent leaking and make it more grippy. This grip helps in preventing the mat from sliding around, so you can easily lay it on the top of your fitted sheets.


PeapodMats are simply amazing and versatile waterproof mats that are unlike any conventional waterproof mat or cover on the market today! They are designed to protect the bed from all sorts of fluids. The big difference? PeapodMats lie flat ON TOP of sheets with a grippy material underneath which means NO more tucking, bunching, or moving. They are comfortable and soft to sleep on with no “plastic crinkle” sound or “cold vinyl” feel. PeapodMats are focused on the toddler and schooler age group as they progress through potty training and bedwetting. That said, the larger PeapodMats (3×5) are suitable for adults to use. Hassle free – when wet just wash and dry on regular cycle!

Though regular sheets made from plastic can also prevent liquids from going through to the mattress, but liquid may simply pool and collect on the top of the sheet. More likely you may have to clean up the mess using few towels, and then still have to strip and change your bed sheets in the morning. However, with any accident on waterproof potty training mat, the only thing you would need to toss is the mat itself. Kind of washing your super amazing towel!


Another useful thing about PeapodMats is that child wont’ feel that stiff plastic crinkle which is common with plastic mates. Definitely, kids won’t like to sit down on their beds with friends asking why their bed makes those funny noises. With these compact waterproof potty training mats, young kids cam easily put them on themselves just before they go to sleep, and can easily take them off the next morning if they were wet.

This fantastic waterproof mat is also perfect after the bath, and during naked baby time, before diaper goes on. Usually babies can’t resist that temptation to pee when they’re fancy free and wild. Even if it’s during that slip second when you let your guard down and don’t get the next diaper on fast enough…Bam…and they pee. That’s practically a law of nature.

Many have found these PeapodMats to be great for protecting rugs and carpets from splashes and spills that may happen when babies start to feed themselves, and during transition from drinking liquids from cups, or lip activated lids. In fact, these mats can be your go-to for baby shower gifts!

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They’re pretty awesome for everyone to have. Even adults with bladder issues or all those who’re ill and cannot quickly make their way from bed to bathroom. Pet owners will love a nice mess proof cover on the bed for their dogs or cats to lay on. They’re best for protecting the seats in the vehicle after a day at the splash pad or amusement park, or from anything that might spill onto or soil the upholstery.

You’ll definitely be impressed with the versatility and quality of these amazingly comfortable waterproof potty training mats. You can get hot deals on these mats from many online stores. You can compare prices and order your PeapodMats right from the comforts of your home.

Below is a list of the additional ways you can use the PeapodMats:

PeapodSchooler PeapodToddler PeapodBaby
  • at this stage it is mainly used to protect bedding sheets and mattresses
  • sleepovers
  • potty training mat
  • nappy time mat
  • co-sleeping
  • preschool rest mat
  • furniture protector mat
  • 20% (2-5 yr olds) wet the bed
  • tummy time mat
  • changing mat
  • stroller liner mat
  • car seat liner mat
  • crib/playpen mat
  • bathing mat
  • highchair liner mat
everything in between

  • co-sleeping adult, nursing home mat, pregnancy mat, birthing mat, breast feeding mat, “on the go” change table, travel mat, vehicle seat protector mat, beach/picnic mat
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