Personalized Potty Chart For Your Child’s Needs

Potty chart is one among most widely used motivators for potty training. Your son or daughter will love putting stamps or stickers on every successful attempt at the potty. The chart that you should bring into use largely depends upon the amount of time you can devote in creating one. Potty chart personally designed by you keeping in mind the needs of the child will bring in most success in terms of toilet training.

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Here is how to create a potty chart that is personalised for your child’s needs


A potty chart gives your child a sense of fulfilment in learning a new ability. Use a big sheet carrying the name of the child on it. Divide the sheet into 14 columns meant for 2 weeks, one for each day. If you want to, you can also make a toilet training chart that is meant for a whole month by increasing the number of columns. Decorate the chart with sketches and drawings of the child’s favorite cartoon and movie figure. You could also place several photographs of your kid from the time he/she was born. In order to let them know that stickers are awarded for good deeds, you can start awarding stickers to them for any good thing they do, like putting away their toys.

Materials used

A simple piece of A 4 sized paper can work perfectly for the potty chart, especially if you’re likely to print it online or use a new paper every week. Laminating it can make it usable for several weeks, as you can remove any stamps and stickers, so that is a good thing to do if you want to waste less paper. To make it a bit more fancy, you could buy a poster board and make your own chart with markers and a ruler to create straight lines.

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Overall Style

The chart should carry your child’s name in big characters so she knows it’s for her. Getting her favorite figures, animals or colors around the chart and making it more personalized can also serve as a source of motivation. For example, you may start with a chart carrying the picture of a bunny at the start and picture of a carrot at the end. Most of the children know that the bunny loves carrot and every sticker you set on the graph gets the bunny closer to its goal. Bunny with a carrot can best be utilized in potty chart for girls.

Utilizing Visuals

Potty charts may reward kids for successfully using the potty, merely sitting on the potty or both. If you want to reward your child for both, you require a clear visual for your kid to understand the difference since most children of this age are not able to read. The “success” picture might be the picture of your kid cheering, which is less crass. Potty chart for boys should necessarily have some visuals as boys tend to be distracted easily.

Using Markers
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You’ll need to choose the way to mark the successful potty use. Stickers are a popular option and you can effortlessly — and inexpensively — buy a book that has more than 1,000 stickers available for your child to choose from. Additionally, you could use a little stamp, which your child may enjoy doing. If you want to use a reusable chart, use white-colored board marker pens that wipe off easily. Markers can best be utilized in a potty chart for daycare.

A potty training chart can be used to make training an exciting activity. However, it is important to realize that a child might take longer to understand new routines and moreover this is never an indication of the mental abilities of the child.

Training with a potty chart should be used only after your kid is one and a half years of age and is familiar with the potty. If the child is not able to associate himself with the potty, then even the best potty chart ideas may fail. An easy way to help them have an association with the potty is putting them on the potty just after they get up in the morning as they will most probably have a full bladder at this time. You can even consider taking your child with you to the market when buying a potty for him as this will make him more involved in the training process. Teach your kid to make a specific gesture whenever he or she would like to use the potty. You may also teach them the term “potty” by repeating this word each time you put them on the potty. Children like being rewarded for their efforts so putting a sticker on their chart will definitely encourage them to use the potty more often.

Night Time Potty Training Chart Can Motivate Your Child


Night time potty training chart can make training fun, particularly if it assists in getting the kid excited about the procedure. It means finding a special potty chair and shopping for “big child” underwear. One of the idea ways of making your child interested in what you are doing is by creating a potty training charts. This can be the precise motivation your kid requires to successfully complete the task.

The potty chart should be tailored so as to fit the toddler. Whether it is covered in stickers or plastered with their preferred cartoon characters, the idea is making use of it as a tool of motivation.  However, you must be consistent throughout the whole process. Rewards of all sorts should be done frequently, as this would create less confusion and would motivate the kid to continue working to their goal.

Ways to use a potty training chart in night time potty training


Night time potty training chart for boys or girls is a great tool to have when your preschooler or toddler is night time training.  However, most children get bored with these charts after a while and having some odd uses up your sleeve may come in handy.  There are many different and fun ways that you can use your potty training charts for. Some of these uses include:

  • Start a little welcoming/friendly competition. Print out behavior chart, chore chart, or a toilet chart for other members of the family.  Your child will find this group sport more interesting than doing it alone.
  • Post the outcomes of the night time potty chart on a different graph every week so your toddler can see his or her progress.  Make the graph straightforward and assist your child transfer his or her own accomplishments.
  • Whether you select a weekly or daily night time potty training chart, you should post all charts on an out sized bulletin board or wall for the entire family to “aah” and “ooh” over when it is complete.
  • Add items to the toilet chart that your toddler is certain to do well at besides his or her new toilet skills.  Things such as eating a fruit, giving out hugs and saying “thank you” and “please”.
  • Cut out the parts of all weeks and days charts and add stories you are generating together. The though here is keeping interest in the potty training charts high that helps in keeping interest in toilet training high.
  •  Color all potty charts for day or week different colors. Have a red week, a blue week and yellow week, to mention but a few. Explain that your kid needs to gather every color of the rainbow. Keep the toilet charts in an exclusive folder so he or she may see his or her accomplishment.
  • Print out a night time toilet training prize chart for toddler dolls, action figures or stuffed animals. Let your preschooler or toddler train his or her favorite stuffed animal or action figure right together with him/herself.
  • Affix tear off strips towards the underside of your training night time examples. As your toddler gets more comfy with the potty chart process, have him or her fill in the chart on his or her own then give you a strip to substitute for a kiss or prize.
  • Tailor your potty chart by adding up printouts of digitized photos or your kid or his/her favorite friends or toys. It is always marvelous to see what resounds with a 2 or 3 year old makes them fascinated to the  training process again.
Benefits of a night time potty chart

night time potty training chart

If you are a new parent, there are very many concepts and methods that you can execute into your training efforts with your toddler. Some individuals find that rewards like treats and snacks work well.  Other people have had unbelievable success using the night time potty chart. These charts are obtainable from different online sources as well as some retails stores, and they may be found in such themes like trains, bugs, cars, favorite cartoon characters, butterflies and many more, making them perfect for girls and boys alike.

If you are attempting to train a kid to use a potty, you need to take all steps you can to ensure the process is simpler and easier for both your child and you. The final thing you need to implement is run across challenges of resistance and also back-stepping in your efforts and progress.  A reward system executed by a colorful, fun night time potty chart can be merely what you need.

With a potty chart, your kid will have a comprehensible sign of his or her progress in the training efforts. Besides, it would have a strong encouraging and motivating incentive to make the kid focused on the undertaking.  Most parents who make use of toilet charts say that they have much success with their endeavors once they have employed charts into their teaching process.

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