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potty training app

Hi, Moms! Is your kid 18 months old or above? If yes, you need to prepare yourself to toilet train your little one. There are a lot of strategies you can try, such as using role models, reading potty training books, watching YouTube potty training videos and one more, using potty training apps. Yep, the last strategy is growing its popularity among parents and children as nowadays, smartphones are used widely, including by kids.

When you have a potty training app installed in your smart phone or iPad, it will be easier for your kid to learn at anytime and anywhere. A potty training app is one good solution to show your little boy and girl how to use the toilet appropriately.

Potty Train Your Child, Do with Your Smartphone

Now Moms, talking about the best potty training app, it can be a little bit hard to find it as you will see so many applications in Google Play or App Store, either for free or paid. But do not worry, I can share with you one potty training app that is worth-trying and will not disappointing you: Potty Training Learning with the Animals. What is it and what makes this app for potty training different from the others? Let’s see some facts about the app here:

Interactive story line

Potty Training Learning with the Animals is a game that enables your child to not only learn how to use the potty or toilet, but also practice it right away in the app. When you purchase a toilet training book for your kid, sure he will see various pictures and colors over there yet it is less interesting.

You cannot deny that books provide only one way communication to the readers, right? With this app, your kid is able to give responses to the characters’ need to go the potty thus he can unconsciously learn from the interactive story line. He will never get bored playing this app in your smart phone and iPad.

Cute characters

As the name shows, the app uses animals as the character such as horses, birds, and lions. All of them are animated in such a way so this potty training app for iPhone and Android is very cute and fantastic.

You know Moms, children usually love funny and moving characters, and therefore this game will be great for him or even his siblings who have not been in the age of toilet training. Psst, you can also help your child to choose whether it is for boys or girls to give him more appropriate learning. Amazing, isn’t it?

Enjoyable songs

Do you know that music helps your child to absorb and remember what he is learning? This potty training app Android is completed with easy-listening songs along with the interactive story line and cute characters, so it is super fun and enjoyable. The music can also lead him to dance while playing the game. In other words, your child will really have a good time with this.

9 language options

No matter what language you speak, this application is beneficial for you and your child as it is narrated in 8 different languages. Yes, 8! With various languages available, everybody can install and play with it. English, Español, Deutsch, French, Dutch, Italiano, Russian, and Mandarin; just select one of the languages that you speak the most at your home. In this way, you can also introduce other languages to your little one if he is interested in it.

Best potty training app with 3 awards

Potty Training Learning with the Animals has successfully trained more than 200.000 children and gotten positive testimonials from many parents throughout the world. This is true, Moms. And, do not be surprised because the wonderful performance of this potty training app timer has won 3 awards so far: Mom’s Choice Awards, Best-App Columbiatic, AppCircus Bog Best App. It is also a finalist of Mobile Premier Award. Wow, now it is even more wonderful.

So, before you feel desperate with all potty training books and techniques, make sure to install this potty training game application in your gadget and let your child to play with it. Sure, it takes a couple of days to be able to use the potty like the character in the app does, but with your patience and guidance, your child definitely can do that.

This application is really affordable, so do not wait too long, and get it in the Store or App Store for your iPad or Google Play for your Android smart phone. Have a good time with your kid!

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