Potty Training Board Game – Let’s Potty!

let's potty

Let’s Potty! Teaching Potty Training and Good Hygiene Through Play…and bringing the party to the potty!


You are not alone…every parent or caregiver knows how difficult potty training can be! After all, “potty training” is one of the top searched parenting terms on the web. Let’s Potty is a Potty Training themed Board Game that is innovative in its design. As game creators, our goal was to take on the, often stressful and difficult, task of potty training and make it into a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy. After years of research and development, we reached that goal and are proud to bring the first and only potty training board game to market. Not only does Let’s Potty introduce young children to the idea of potty training in a fun and non-pressured way, they also benefit by practicing important developmental skills while they play. We believe that it is best to learn by play! #learnbyplay

potty training board game benefits

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Potty Training Board Game Benefits

The object of the game is quite simple…to get to the potty in time! To play, players each choose a character wearing big kid underpants and take turns picking a card from the stack and reading it out loud. In fun, rhyming language, the cards introduce children to concepts such as wearing big kid underwear, using the toilet, flushing the toilet, washing hands, accidents, staying dry, and best of all…saying good-bye to diapers. Everybody plays until they reach the potty, so everybody is a winner!

play let's potty training board game

We have been thrilled by the overwhelming response we have received from this game and the positive effect it has been having on the children who have been playing it. Even if the child is not quite ready to play a traditional board game, the parent, caregiver, or older sibling can help by making his/her own rules to suit the specific needs of the child. Children love the beautifully illustrated game components and the feel of the sturdy deck of over-sized, funny cards, ideal for little hands. The artwork includes lots of details, colors and textures that children enjoy studying to reveal hidden objects, animals and messages. Many children who have played the game, have requested to play it over and over again and some show progress during their first play! We have also found that older siblings have fun playing along and offering their wisdom on the subject, plus reminders can be helpful at any age…wink. You can read reviews and find out more on our website, lets-potty.com, our popular Facebook page Facebook.com/letspotty, and our Amazon Product Page

So what are you waiting for, everybody? Let’s Potty!

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