Potty Training Videos For Toddlers

potty training videos for toddlers

Giving toilet training to your child is challenging: in one side, you want him to be independent in using the toilet, but on the other hand, he sometimes refuses to do that. While you know potty training is very important for your child, you cannot give up. Try to find another way of teaching it, like using potty training videos for toddlers.

When you try to introduce something new to a little kid, you should attract his attention first so that he will focus on what you say or do. Many potty training tips suggest you to be the role model for your child to use the toilet, but do not blame him for not paying attention to you because honestly, there is nothing interesting there.

A toddler will be excited when he is looking at the things in his world, such as toys, dolls, funny characters, and so on. That is the reason why potty training videos for toddlers is a nice option.

Potty training videos for toddlers to watch

Different from books, potty training videos for toddlers to watch are a lot more interactive and lively. This is very useful for your kid to avoid boredom when learning how to use the potty appropriately. And due to the excitement he has in front of your laptop screen, the lesson from the potty training video for toddlers will be easily absorbed and understood, which means you save more time and energy. Beneficial, isn’t it? Without telling him too much about what to do, as time goes your child is able to do that by himself.

However, you know that there will be a lot of toilet training videos for toddlers when you search them in the Internet and you do not know whether they work well on your child. Therefore, you have to know the secrets to use the videos successfully:

Look for videos with fun characters and musical elements

Toddlers love funny characters like animals and dolls. That is why, when you are searching for a good potty training video for toddlers to watch, find the one which has entertaining characters your child will like. In this way, your little one will be absorbed to the lesson and motivated to mimic the experience the characters have.

With musical elements that go along the story, he should not be bored and wants to watch it longer. Some parents even say that their children keep watching potty training videos with their favorite characters and songs after they are well-trained. This is something you expect from your child, right?

Look for videos he can watch over and over

Potty training lesson should be given repeatedly which means, when you look for a toilet training video for toddlers, make sure you find something your child is interested in. You can take advantage from his favorite characters or voices. Always remember that repetition is the key success for the lesson, so give him the access to do so.

Watching the video over and over again is also beneficial for you as you can tell your child the benefits of potty training like what the characters do. Psst, enjoying the same material repeatedly can avoid him from confusion, too.

Make it a daily activity

You do not how big the effects the video can bring to your child. But he seems to be more interested in using his potty after watching his favorite video, why don’t you make it as his daily activity?

For example, before he has his breakfast, invite him to watch the video with you. Enjoy the story and sing along with the characters. After drinking his milk, he probably want to pee so remind him what the characters do when they have the urge. You can do the same thing in the afternoon or at night before bed time to give more exposure about toilet training.

You know, some people believe that a child will strongly remember what he sees before going bed. Although you do not this is true or not, there is nothing to lose to do that, isn’t it?

So, now you know the keys to successfully use the videos to potty train your child. Though this way is a lot more interesting, never ever give him pressure to watch the videos if he does not want to.

As many experts say, your pressure and too high expectation will only prolong the process, therefore just go with the flow. Be a good friend of your child to enjoy the potty training videos at home. Happy watching!

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