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Potty watch, is an efficient potty training tool that will enable all parents to control their kids’ tendency to forget about using the potty when they need. These watches integrate several features that can make potty training simpler and more efficient, as well, making the whole process a lot more convenient for parents and more enjoyable for children. Potty training your little one can be a daunting and time-consuming task, especially if he or she is unwilling to use the toilet instead of the diapers.

How Do Potty Watches by PottyTime Work?

Thankfully, Potty Watches work using a very simple and straightforward mechanism that is meant to remind your child when he or she should go to the toilet. You will be able to set various time intervals, from 30 to 60 and 90 minutes, so you can make sure that your wee one will always remember to use the potty on time. You can start at 30 minutes, and adjust the time interval as your kid grows and learns how to use the toilet all by himself or herself. When the time expires, the potty training watch will start playing music and lightning up, which will make everything more enjoyable for your kid.

Benefits of Potty Training Watch

What are the benefits of choosing the Potty Watches produced by PottyTime? According to several Potty Watch reviews, these tools can make the whole process simpler to control for parents, and also fun for kids. As stated above, potty training is a very tough and time-consuming task that can be particularly unpleasant for children – and parents, of course. Once your wee one starts using his or her new Potty Watch, he will definitely be eager to use the toilet, not feeling that this is required in any way.

potty training watch

Furthermore, Potty Watches by PottyTime are very convenient to use, because they are simple to set up. Once your little one gets his own potty training watch, you will be able to set up the desired time interval when you want your child to go to the bathroom, which can be always updated if your child starts to get used to the toilet. When the potty training timer expires, the watch will start playing a song that your child can sing along, as well. With the colored lights, these tools will surely be very attractive to all children, influencing them positively.

Lastly, these watches will only require you to use batteries to make them work – which is not that expensive considering that your child will not need it forever. Alongside with its very advantageous price, Potty Watches by PottyTime is probably the best possible option you have to make potty training efficient and more pleasant, as well.


You will certainly like the convenience of Potty Watches, which have been specifically created to help you toilet train your wee one. Beyond helping you save time, these tools will make potty training simpler, allowing your child to have fun while getting used to the potty. With an affordable price and a wide number of benefits, these watches will revolutionize potty training for sure, permitting you to avoid possible struggles. Search your favorite potty watch directly from our store.

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