Prepare For Potty Training Sessions

potty training sessionsWelcoming your child home and watching them grow up can truly be the most joyful experience any parent can ever have. But even with the most experienced parents, potty training can still prove to be one the toughest challenges ever faced. Even though your child may learn to crawl, walk, speak and play with little or no help whatsoever, potty training can be one of those things which can put any parent through the dryers. And if you thought that toilet training was one the most perilous journeys of parenting, then it can be considered a cakewalk compared to the night time training sessions. Which is why it always comes in handy, to be prepared with some of the most effective tips for nighttime training for those desperate hours.

1. Choose The Right Training Potty

Unlike adults, children cannot use the traditional toilets as it is too big for then and has no appeal whatsoever. Which is why you should always get a proper training potty which is smaller compared to the traditional toilets. If you want to go for the highly recommended training potties, you could simply visit your local child supply stores or could also do some online research to help you choose the best potties for potty training. Choosing the right training potty will help your child relive themselves with much more ease and help create that interest of using the potty for their personal business.

2. Keep a Training Toilet Near By

It goes without saying that almost every child is afraid of the dark and there is nothing in this world that will encourage them to go into toilet to do their business without parental supervision. Not only can this give rise to some serious bed wetting problems, but it can also delay training significantly. Which is why you should always keep a training potty in their room to help them deal relieve themselves during the wee hours of the night.

3. Avoid Too Much Liquids Before Bedtime

One of the main reason as to most children wet their beds or get up in the middle of the night to use the potty, is simply because most parents make the mistake of feeding their child too much liquid before bedtime. As the bladder size of children is a lot smaller compared to adults, children cannot hold their bladders or bowel movements for long durations and liquid intake before bedtime only manages to bring natures call closer than you can imagine. Which is why parents should restrain from feeding their child too much liquid at least an hour before bedtime.

4. Switch From Pull-Ups

Dressing your child up in diapers to help them keep clean and dry may seem like the only logical idea for any parent, but sticking with them after the age of three can delay toilet training by a long shot. As children are used to do all of their business in diapers, they do not understand the significance of using a potty. Which is why most children who have spent most of their lives in diapers have a difficult time in responding to training. Prolonged use of pull up style diapers can also be one of the main reasons as to why children wet the bed, even after having been trained for a while. Which is why parents should slowly start switching their children over from pull-ups to regular underwear, at least two months before starting off their training.

5. Boys First

It goes without saying that boys develop a little slower than girls, which is why boys take longer time to respond to training. To avoid prolonged training sessions with your boy child, you should start training as soon as they learn to walk. Starting off your boy child on toilet training from an early age will help them learn to use the potty a lot quicker and prevent any bed wetting mishaps. Before starting training regime, you should always search out for the best potties for boys as it will help create an interest in your child. As choosing the right baby potties can help create that interest of using the potty and switch over from pull-ups.

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