Potty Training Rewards System

potty training rewards

Potty training rewards are great, but the ultimate reward for a toddler can be your approval. Some people don’t agree with potty training rewards when it comes to children. They feel like they shouldn’t be given a treat for performing a task that they should be performing anyway. However, it has been proven that using some type of a reward system will help reinforce behavior and bring about desired results.

Potty training rewards don’t have to be anything huge and amazing. Remember, you’re dealing with a little person here who thinks it great fun to spin around and around to get that dizzy feeling – they’re easily impressed – especially if you are with them.

Parents who’ve been through training successfully report using all sorts of different methods that work. Your reward system will have to fit your child’s personality and contain incentives that will be important to them.

Create Your Own Potty Training Rewards System

I mentioned before placing a potty chart on your refrigerator or in your bathroom. When your child successfully goes on the potty, let them place a sticker on the chart. If they reach a certain amount of stickers, give them a small prize or a special trip.

Instead of a chart, make a picture of a road leading to a specific place to the game “Candy Land”. The idea here is to make it down the road by going on the potty. When they get to their destination, a special treat is given. Involve your child in making this poster. It can be a really cute way to teach your child about staying on track while trying to reach a goal.

Of course, candy is a big winner when it comes to potty rewards. I gave Conner M & M’s each time he would go and this seemed to work quite well. Other parents use Skittles, small size candy bars, gum, and suckers. It doesn’t really matter what you use as long as your child really desires it!

If you are unsure about what will work as an incentive, ask your child what s/he would like as a reward. They know what they like the best and if they want it bad enough, they’ll sure work hard to get it!

Toilet training may be a very rewarding for parents in the end but it can certainly be a challenging experience along the way. Using any tricks that you can to help give you the leg up when it comes to tackling the training challenge is more than suggested. There are some great ways to help your child see the benefits of potty training. Using a rewards system is an amazing way to bring a little leverage to the table when training your toddler.

Finding the best reward system for you little toddler may be a matter of trial and error. You might need to see how the different rewards work for you child. One reward that many people use is the sticker potty training reward chart. This is a great idea that the toddler will look forward to. One of the best ways to do this is by getting a sticker book. You can use an inexpensive sketch book to put the stickers in. Every time he goes to the bathroom in the potty successfully he will be rewarded with a sticker. This is a great way to get them excited about the idea of using the potty.

Another great idea for potty training rewards is to collect some of the inexpensive party favors that you can purchase at the store for birthday parties and put them in a big bucket. Every time the toddler goes to the bathroom on the potty they can reach in and grab a new toy to play with. Make sure that the toys you choose are appropriate for your toddler’s age and you will find that they will be completely motivated to go to the potty as often as possible. You need to be sure that they are only rewarded when they actually use the potty or you will be faced with the problem of them running to the bathroom every few minutes not really using the potty and wanting a prize.

Using potty training rewards is a great way to keep your toddler involved in the task of using the potty when they need it. They will be less likely to fight you on the idea and will have something to look forward to each time they venture into the bathroom. You will notice a difference in their enthusiasm fairly quickly and they will be on their way to using the potty at the first sign of having to potty.

potty training reward chart

My son will be mortified to know I’m going to share this, but to illustrate how subjective rewards can be, I want to tell you what worked for us when potty training him. When he was small, back in the late 90’s, his idol was Pee-Wee Herman (I know, I know!) He watched “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure’ and “Pee Wee’s Big Top” over and over again until I thought I would scream if I had to hear that guy’s laugh just one more time.

My mom was shopping the clearance aisle of a discount store when she spotted a talking Pee Wee Herman doll. Now this doll was a little disturbing looking, but very life-like and uttered Pee Wee’s famous catch phrases when you pulled the string on his back. My son was enamored.

We let him have the doll to play with for just a day before we put him up on a shelf in the bathroom. We told him that when he went potty like a big boy, he could play with Pee Wee for a half hour. That was all he needed. Two days later, he was fully trained.

So Pee Wee taught him to “pee pee”. Sorry, I just couldn’t resist!!!

Gradually phase out the rewards as your child’s visits to the bathroom become routine. If you continue to use rewards once they have mastered the task, they’ll start to expect them and may go more often than they really need to.

Keep in mind that rewards don’t always work. As I’ve said before, every child is different and you have to find what works with yours!

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