Toilet Training Tips When Using Normal Bathroom

toilet training

Toilet training tips that will help your child learn how to go the bathroom and master it. While I might be jumping ahead of myself a bit, I do feel like I should address the best ways to use the regular toilet during toilet training. When your child wants to use the big potty, he or she is exerting independent tendencies, and you can encourage this tendency. It will, however, take some attention on your part, too!

It is perfectly acceptable to have your child learn to use the toilet without any special equipment. Obviously, the longer you wait to train your child, the bigger he or she will be and the more likely able to sit on an adult seat without any aid except possibly yours.

Remember the adult toilet can seem like an abyss to a child. But certain techniques can make a child feel more secure when toilet training.

Teach a boy to urinate sitting down backward on the toilet, straddling it, and pointing his penis downward. If he is distracted while standing, he might forget to aim.

Teach a little girl to sit sideways or backward on the big toilet. A little girl should also “sink” her bottom low enough so urine does not go through the seat ring and bowl rim. In the beginning, removing underwear and pants will lessen chance of them getting wet.

Hold your child securely on the seat’s edge yourself. They trust you anyway, so having you there with them will give them the sense of safety that they really need.

Now that we’ve covered tools you can use during toilet training, it’s time for us to look at what time is the right time.

6 Great Toilet Training Tips

Learning how to teach your child to go to the bathroom is a task most parents aren’t quite sure how they should go about. With these toilet training tips, teaching your child will become a lot easier:

toilet training tips

  • Try and test: Make your baby sit on the baby pot and let the child be comfortable with it. Encourage sitting on the pot minus the diaper about 3-4 times a dat. When your child is sitting on the pot, encourage with a lovely toy. Rewarding often goes mile sin potty training. When the baby is on the pot, give company and praise your child for trying.
  • Let there be potty breaks: Make your boy learn to urinate while sitting down and then proceed to teaching how to master urinating standing up. If your child gets frustrated sitting on the pot, allow the baby to enjoy a break while you can try it once again later in the day when the baby is in a better mood
  • Get to the bathroom fast: Check for signs that your baby wants to go to relieve. Rush to the pot and let your child squat. Let your daughter learn about wiping from the front towards the back. You might want the child to work the flush to encourage them more. After doing their business the child should definitely wash their hands with soap.
  • Leave the diapers for a change: Encourage your child to wear underwear. Trade the diapers in for good training pants. Get underwear with cartoons on it. Make sure your child approves
  • Positive reinforcement goes a long way: Keep reinforcing your child that they are doing well. Never scold or shout at your child fi he/she doesn’t understand the use of the pot or makes a fuss about sitting there.
  • Be consistent: As a parent, you don’t want to give up. Sometimes the whole deal can be a bit frustrating. Keep in mind that you will have to hope and ensure that you stay positive

These toilet training tips will help your child learn how to go the bathroom and master it. If you would like to read more tips for training then you might want to consider reading some books. These tips will help you understand how to make your child comfortable on the potty chair and allow them to learn how to toilet train in the right way.

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