Potty Training in 3 Days Method

A fast and reliable course developed by Carol Cline, Potty Training in 3 Days, is now available to provide reliable information on how to potty train your toddler in 3 days. Within just 3 very short days, parents will now be able to get their toddler or their small children use the toilet on their own. Potty Training in 3 Days is actually guaranteed, so parents will no longer need to smell, see and change their baby’s diaper ever again.

start potty training in 3 days guide

Potties are one of the most troublesome as well as time consuming tasks for every parent. However, training your toddler on how to use the toilet can now be effectively achieved. Potty Training in 3 Days is a very reliable source so parents can now have a solid and proper guidance that can help them to properly train their toddlers in just three amazing days.

What this course mainly features is to address the major challenge faced by every parent, and that is about when to start their training. Most new parents are actually more likely to feel anxious about starting a toilet training. However, the problem with is that they do not really realize that it can cause stress to their child. This is actually the reason why Potty Training in 3 Days offers clear instructions as when is the right time to start a training and anticipate good results.
Learning how to potty train your toddler is actually made simpler and even easier with this reliable course. It comes with books, audio, and DVD in order to provide all parents with very reliable information on the best and proper way to train their child without causing stress to them. This Potty Training course is a new product created and developed to guide every parent on the best way to train their young ones.

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The Potty Training in 3 Days is a new product that is being offered in the market. It comes at a highly affordable price to parents can start training their child. Parents all over the world can this guide that comes with various versions to meet their individual requirements. Training guide includes videos, books and audio.

This highly reliable Potty Training in 3 Days is a perfect program that will guide all parents all over the world to handle the most challenging task of having a child. This comes with a money back guarantee so each parent will be given an assurance that this is truly an effective product that can potty train your child in 3 short days.

How to potty train a child in 3 days


Big mistakes made in toilet training is to force your child to go potty. The trick is to make them think it is their idea to go potty. Don’t ever yell at the child and make them feel bad for their wetting or pooping accidents. This will hinder training. Great patience needs to be exercised and the rewards will be lasting.

How to start a 3 day potty training schedule?


Relax remember you’ve done all the work and your baby is ready to ditch those diapers for nice baby pants. Now set yourself and your child up for success. Remember you are both in this together. You can start by maintaining a good sense of humor and a positive attitude. Inform all the family and siblings and especially care givers of what you expect.

Place a toilet chair in the most accessible position for your baby, make it visible and accessible for them, (buying a bright or strong coloured potty is a good idea) or if you’re using the toilet trainer make sure the most convenient bathroom is available for them. Encourage your child to sit on the potty / toilet with or without a diaper. Make sure that the feet of your child rest firmly on the floor or a stool so they can get on and off unaided.

potty training in 3 days method

Potty training in 3 days- Activities to follow each day

Day 1- Prepare the child


Take your child to the potty. Get down to their level and tell them, “This is where you will go pee and poop from now on!” Don’t get too technical with them about it. Next, get your child to get their package of diapers. Have the child throw them all away in the garbage. Tell the child, “We won’t be needing these anymore.!” Don’t get into a fight with the child about it if they resist. Don’t use pull-ups! They act like diapers and the child will be confused if you are using this method. This is a point of no return for great success.

Give them their new package of underwear! Tell them, “You will get to wear big boy/girl underwear because you are a big kid now!” Help the child put on his/her new underwear. They will feel good and excited about that and it will distract them from the diapers being thrown out. (Hide the garbage bag later)

Take them to the potty and take their hands and teach them how to pull up and down their underwear. Have the child sit on the potty. Tell the child that they are a big girl/boy now and that we go pee and poop in the potty now like a big kid does. Tell the child, “Let me or someone know when you have to go pee or poop in the potty! Okay! Let them respond. They will probably go out and play like always.

Day 2- Make him practice


Start offering drinks and snacks. Give the child salty foods as to produce thirst, hence more drinking of liquids to encourage having to practice going potty. (Consult physician if you think their would be a problem with this if your child has a health condition.) Remind them about letting you know when you have to go potty! Let them think it is their idea to go. Don’t ask them if they have to go pee or poop. Use words like, “Let me know…”

Even though this is a short three day potty training, it is necessary to run a few practice runs. Take your child’s hand, run to the bathroom saying, “You have to go potty!” Take their hands and have them pull down their underwear. Have them sit on the potty. If the child went pee or poop, dance around and yell, “Yeah! You went potty on the potty like a big kid! You’re a big kid now!” Make a really big deal out of it. Even call relatives or friends and have them cheer on the child over the phone.

Once out of the bathroom, give a snack. Don’t say, “This is a reward for going potty.” If you do want to give a reward, you can make a sticker chart for ever time they go potty on the potty. If you want to successfully potty train in 3 days, just don’t tell them this is a reward.

The child will go about their business playing. The key is to stay and play with your child. You need to watch for clues to as if they have to go potty. They may wiggle and squirm or even hold themselves. Keep reminding them to tell you if they have to go pee or poop. Do practice runs.

If you see the child is peeing his/her pants, take them by the hand and run to the potty. Help them pull down their underwear and have them sit on the potty even though their underwear is wet. Have them feel their underwear and tell them, “Wet!” Don’t scold the child for peeing his underwear, even if you’re frustrated. Have the child change into new underwear.

Have the child change his/her underwear. Have the child feel their underwear and tell them, “Dry!” They need to know the difference between being wet or dry. Tell the child, “We want to stay dry!”

Practice on the big potty now and then because you know they will need to use a big potty if you are out at the mall when you are done training.

Day 3- Handling the problems



Pooping can be a little more challenging. The child needs to learn how to feel and be aware that they have to go pee or poop. You can usually tell if the child has to go poop. They may grunt or even squat down with a red face or even hide. Take the child’s hand and direct them to the potty. Help them take their underwear down and sit on the potty. If they poop, give cheers and praise.

The child may look into the potty at their poop and feel attached to it. They feel like a part of them is leaving. You can help by saying, :Goodbye poop!” Then have the child or you flush the potty. Wave bye bye. The child will feel better parting with their poop.

If the child poops in their underwear, have them take the underwear off in the bathroom and have them dump it in the potty. Say, “ Bye bye.” Tell them the importance of staying dry and clean.


Bedtime comes. Have the child feel his/her bedsheets and say, “Dry!” Tell them to stay dry at night. Limit drinks four hours before bedtime. No need to totally cut out if need be, but your child has had enough to drink all day. After the child goes to sleep, get the child up an hour after they went to sleep. Run them to the potty. (Do this only for the three days of potty training.)

Do not be mad at your child and force him to sit on the big potty. It is normal for a child to be afraid. Let them get used to of it. Make it their idea. Help them sit on the potty and hold them until they do not want you to any more.

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