Baby Toilet Seat in Potty Training

baby toilet seat

Baby toilet seat  is another type of potty training device that fits over the regular toilet seat making it easier for your child to sit on the big potty. These types of seats can make your toddler feel much safer when using the potty, but keep in mind that they still have little legs.

Getting up on the toilet might be a problem, so invest in a stool that they can use to step up on. Stools can also help kids to be able to push with their legs when having a bowel movement.

Baby Toilet Seats

As with regular potty chairs, there are also kids toilet seat that come built in with step-stools in the style of a folding ladder. If this works for your child, by all means, take advantage of this technology!

Baby toilet seats are lightweight and portable and have the additional advantage of direct flushing, so there is no extra cleanup necessary. However, baby toilet seat can be a nuisance for the rest of the family if there is only one bathroom and the adapter I in the way and must constantly be removed and replaced in innovative ways. Some styles have tried to overcome that complaint.

Many of these seats come with vinyl straps implying that a child is left alone on the seat and needs extra safety protection. In the early stages of training, a child should not be left alone. No child should be strapped in place and then left!

That is likely to feel like punishment to a child. Stay with your child. If you haven’t gotten the desired results within three to five minutes, you aren’t going to. As children take on the responsibility of using the toilet with an baby toilet seat, they will be on and off by themselves in no time, and the strap is unnecessary.

You may wish to consider buying an inflatable or folding baby toilet seat for use when traveling or shopping, regardless of the method you opt for at home.

Using an insert type potty chair can make cleanup a lot easier, since all you need do is flush the toilet and perhaps wipe off the seat. Many parents also like the fact that these inserts are portable and easily moved from place to place. One of the big drawbacks, however, is that many children are fearful of the toilet insert at first. On the plus side, these inserts are generally quite inexpensive, so it may be worth a try.

Some parents wonder why they need all of these separate devices to ultimately teach their child to actually just go on the big toilet. They may be right. Potty chairs and kids toilet seat give the child a sense of safety. For a little one, the adult world seems very, very big, and that can scare them.

However, you may have a child like our Conner who refused both potty chairs and baby toilet seat. How do you teach your child to use the big potty?

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