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The key to successful potty training – always having a restroom available when your child has to go. Little bodies are not conditioned to “hold it” when nature calls. Your little princess moving from diapers to big girl pants will visit the restroom countless times throughout the day. This is all fine and great when you’re in the comfort of your own home. So what do parents do when they leave the house with their newly potty trained tot and restrooms are less than desirable or not available at all? We’ve created Twinkle Cup to ease that transition. Not only is Twinkle Cup a lifesaver while potty training, but an essential product for females of all ages.

What is it?

Twinkle Cup is the first, disposable powder room that provides females freedom like never before. Its simple design is convenient for all ages. Twinkle Cup is essential for moms with daughters and is an effective potty training aid.

Twinkle Cup made potty training my daughter so much easier. Once she started using Twinkle Cup, she refused to leave the house without them.”- Charlotte mother of 3 girls.

Never sit, squat, or hold your child over a dirty, public toilet again. Its anatomical design fits snugly against skin to prevent leaks and allows females to go while standing. Twinkle Cup is designed for single use and folds flat to fit in your purse, diaper bag, and even your pocket. Simply use once and throw away. You never have anything to clean or pack back up because let’s face it, that’s gross!

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Where can Twinkle Cup be used?

Twinkle Cup can be used in any public restroom, camping, boating, theme parks, sporting events, car trips – anywhere you have to go and restrooms are less than desirable or not available at all.  No restroom, No problem. Twinkle Cup is not a funnel – it’s a receptacle.   This allows you to use it anywhere you need to.  On a long car trip and no restroom in sight?  Not to worry, Twinkle Cup makes a restroom available when you just can’t get to one fast enough.

where can twinkle cup be used

Who can use Twinkle Cup?

Any female trying to make their lives a little easier can use Twinkle Cup. Oh, and let’s not forget now dads can finally take their daughters to the restroom with ease, Woo Hoo!!  

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