Unpleasant Atmosphere At Home

Unpleasant Atmosphere At Home

In some cases, children may resent the home or may feel that their problem creates an unpleasant atmosphere at home. Bedwetting affects not just the child afflicted with Enuresis, but rather the whole family.

When your child thinks, “This makes home feel terrible.”

Parents may disagree over the treatment options, siblings may feel jealous of the attention the child receives or may tease their sibling over the problem. The child may also come to associate his or her bedroom with nighttime discomfort. There are many ways that bedwetting can affect the home, and few of them are pleasant.

The best way to counteract this problem is to work together as a team. Everyone in the family should be included in decisions that affect the whole household (decisions such as changing a sleeping room so that one child will be closer to the bathroom, for example).

Bedwetting can create unpleasant atmosphere at home

You should also try to make home as un-tense as possible. Make bedwetting less of a family upheaval by making clean-ups easy and by making the child affected help with some clean-up. Also, make sure that you have everyone in the household agree to no teasing. Creating a serene home environment is helpful for everyone affected by bedwetting.

Most of the time, bedwetting creates not only embarrassment but also terrible atmosphere at home. How can the wet sheets bring such a terrible feeling to the whole family? Bedwetting can do so because firstly, the smell of the wet stuff is unpleasant and quite bothering.

Secondly, when the parents have to do more laundry and other housework, they can be quite temperamental and this makes the house loses its peace. Have you had the experience, Moms?

“My home feels terrible, I mess up everything”

In my opinion, it is not just the atmosphere which needs your care for the feeling your child has in relation to the mess he causes is more severe than you think.

When you feel under pressured due to the additional work and imagination of what other people may think of his bedwetting, your child suffers from the guilt for making the atmosphere awful, embarrassment in front of other family members, and anxiety over being scolded.

See, he is a lot more stressful than anybody else in the house.

Whenever your child thinks that he messes up everything and makes the atmosphere terrible, at least you have to comfort him; helping your child to feel lighter because bedwetting is actually normal if he is under 7.

As time passes, this condition will definitely change. The best way to help your child is by working as a team that all family members is united to cheer up the atmosphere at last:

Ask your child to help

Fostering a positive attitude to respond bedwetting is something highly suggested to help your child feel better. One positive thing you can do is avoid blaming him and instead, ask your child to clean up the mess with you.

This is not a punishment I ensure you. By telling him to help, you show him you are not angry that you do not want to talk to him and wipe away his guilt at the same time. Do the clean-up cheerfully so his mood can be boosted.

Apply ‘no-teasing’ rule

Dreadful home atmosphere is not only that you are angry at him so he feels intimidated. When other family members tease him for wetting the bed, your child will definitely feel bad and insecure even in his own home.

Therefore, it is a very good idea to apply no-teasing rule at your house that nobody is not allowed to tease the little kid who wets the bed. You need to pay attention, however, to not to give hard punishment to the rule breakers. Your over-reaction may lead to another problem like jealousy.

Talk to other family members

It is possible for other children in the house to feel you are not fair by treating the bed wetter in a more tender way; it is jealousy. At some points, this feeling can make the atmosphere horrible for your child as he will be avoided by his siblings.

Make sure to talk to the siblings and other family members so they can understand the situation and help your little one to feel better. Remind them that it is the responsibility of the whole family to create a happy home atmosphere.

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