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potty training boys

Potty training boys is different, because girls just have to sit on the potty to pee or poop. Boys need to sit for pooping, but most will stand when peeing. Because of this small biological difference, encouraging and helping your boy use the potty can actually be an easier task! The majority of parents will ardently await the day when they’ll be able to potty train a boy of their own. This is a special time in their life and it basically symbolizes their son’s transition from a baby to a boy, but at the same time the entire potty training boys process may be a bit challenging. Bad aim, soiled cleanups and frequent accidents too often will result in little progress and lots of frustration. The good news is that below you’ll be able to find some very useful which will help you say “goodbye” to diapers and frustration and a big “hello” to big-boy underpants in a very short period of time.

Here are a few ideas for you to think about when potty training boys:

  • Aiming takes practice. When a little boy starts urinating in a standing position, be prepared to wipe around the toilet and on the seat – and often!
  • Show the boy how to point his penis down to avoid spraying the room whether by sitting down or standing up.
  • Teach the boy to aim accurately by having him sink floating objects in the basin. This can be a corner of an envelope or a piece of toilet paper, but I think it’s much more fun to float Cheerios or Froot Loops and aiming for the hole
  • Drain the water from the toilet bowl and paint a red target with fingernail polish or a red grease pencil on the porcelain toward the back. Have him aim for the bulls-eye.
  • Urinating into the “blue” toilet bowel water will turn it green. (This works with girls, to, but it’s harder to see.) You can also use food coloring in this process. Red or blue food coloring will turn orange or green when the urine hits it. This can be so much fun when your boy watches his own bodily fluids perform magic tricks!
  • In the summertime, and in the privacy of a backyard or woods, let a boy practice his aim. Note my above story regarding Conner “peeing on a tree”!
  • Let fathers and sons have a “peeing party.”
  • In the winter let a boy “write in the snow.”
  • If a little boy wants to stand but needs to be a bit taller, stand behind him and let him stand on your feet.
  • Be sure the toilet seat can’t fall down on a young boy in these early stages. Have your child check to be sure that the seat is up securely before he urinates.
  • Start teaching your son NOW that the toilet rim needs to be placed down after he’s finished.

I have some general tips for potty training boys that really don’t fit into any particular category. If I repeat myself, well, I’m sorry, but toilet training is serious business, so they bear repeating!

how to potty train a boys

Is your son ready?

One of the most important questions you’ll need to ask yourself before you’ll begin potty training boys is whether he is ready for this transition or not. If you want to train him and if he is not ready, then you’ll only waste your energy and time. There are quite a few signs which will tell you when to start potty training boys and some of them include the fact that your boys have no problem in following basic instructions, they can easily pull their pants up and down on their own and they’re beginning to show a bit of interest in using the potty.

Time to visit the store
After you’ve decided that your son is ready and you can begin the process of potty training for boys you’ll need to take him with you to the store. From there you’ll need to pick up a clear jar, chocolate coated candies, underpants and of course, a potty chair. This trip has the role of making your son excited about the training, so be sure you’ll allow him to pick the underpants and even some of the other items you need to buy.

Commitment is vital

Potty training boys is basically a process and if you fully commit to it, then you will have already won half the battle. After you’ve committed to the process, you’ll just need to take a few days off so you can stay home with your son. Insist that he will only have his trunks on during waking hours and be sure his potty will sit next to yours.

Sitting him down

When potty training boys you’ll need to sit your son on the potty at certain times during the day. For instance, after meals, before meals and upon waking, but also anytime you may want to use the potty are a proper time for your son to sit on his. It’s easy to allow a boy to sit when he’s learning how to properly use the potty and in time, after he’ll advance in training, he’ll switch to standing.

Rewards are very important

Remember the jar you bought at the store? It’s time to fill it with candies your son likes and every time your son manages to sit on his potty, let him choose one candy. Even better, if he urinates tell him he can have 2, while if he takes a poop, tell him he can choose 3.

Don’t forget about hygiene

You need not forget that it’s very important you’ll teach your boy about proper hygiene and bathroom behavior. Hand washing, flushing the lavatory and wiping are all skills that he needs to learn. Remember, if you want to know how to potty train a boy, just be sure you’ll follow these helpful tips for potty training boys and in no time your son will have no problem with using the potty like a real boy.

Good Potty Training Tips For Boys


potty training tips for boys

So you’ve determined that your son is ready to be trained, right? And you want to learn potty training tips for boys. If he’s the proper age and has shown several of the signs indicating that he is emotionally prepared for this undertaking. It’s a big change, so take some time to make absolutely sure that he’s ready for this. Again, if he isn’t, do not try to push him. You will only be wasting your own time.

It sometimes takes young boys a little longer to become psychologically ready to be toilet trained than girls their age, so don’t stress if you’re initially feeling some resistance. Stay positive, and keep mentioning training to your child in a non-stressful, fun way. Keep the idea in his mind, but don’t push it. He will come around relatively soon.

Potty training boys is a little different from girls

A few steps to make sure he’s ready to be trained

  • Make sure that your child is physically ready. Does he stay dry through the night or for several hours at a time?
  • Find out if your child is emotionally ready for training by discussing it with him. If he responds favorably, he’s probably ready.
  • If your child is ready, proceed to training!
  • Because toilet training is basically a process, you should expect a few setbacks in your goal towards finding the most suitable way on how to potty train a boys.
  • You should not expect your son to be night trained until later. This is because he doesn’t have a mature body for holding waste during nighttime and if he is a heavy sleeper, the need to go may not wake him up.
  • During training, you should not use pull-on disposable underpants. Because they absorb urine, there’s a chance your son won’t feel wet.
  • You should try and make training a positive experience for your son, so it’s a good idea if you could steer away from using high pressure training methods.
How Long Will it Take?

potty training for boys
I won’t sugar-coat this; even once your child is toilet trained you can expect an accident here and there. However, if you take a few days off work (maybe try to schedule the toilet training over a long weekend?) you can get the majority of your child’s  training done in between three and five days, perhaps a week. Yes, really, a week. If your son is ready to train, then it really will take no time at all to teach him the basics. If you work with him using these potty training tips for boys for a week, he should be staying dry during the day in no time.
On the other hand, if he’s fighting you at every turn and on basic issues, now may not be the time to train him. Is he having tantrums or fits, or refusing to use the potty or toilet at all? Wait a few weeks and try again when he seems more receptive to the change. Don’t worry, he will come around. Some children just need a little bit of time to adjust to the idea of toilet training.

How to potty train a boy- Addressing the special concerns

There are some special issues and concerns that parents often deal with when potty training boys.

The Classic Bed wetter

Boys often take up to two months longer than girls to become fully potty trained and night time accidents are a common problem for up to a year after training. Bed wetting is not an issue, and your child shouldn’t be scolded for it.

Here are some of the best potty training tips for boys that have bed wetting problem
  • 1: Buy some rubber sheets if he’s really struggling to keep dry at night.
  • 2: Do not turn it in to a fight, and certainly do not punish him. Bedwetting is not intentional; it arises from a lack of control of bladder muscles.
  • 3: Essentially, wait until your child develops night time bladder control. Training pants during the night time hours might be helpful.

The Stool-Player

Another common problem that parents come across during potty training boys is the children’s desire to play with their stool. It is fairly common for children (especially boys) to fish the stool out of the toilet or potty and attempt to play with it. This is caused by a curiosity and a desire to feel the texture of it, and it’s a very natural craving. Try these steps for handling the problem.

Step 1: Calmly explain to your child that the stool is dirty and not a toy, and should be disposed of.

Step 2: Flush the toilet, and explain where the stool goes.

Handling boys that start exploring their genitalia

how to potty train a boy

When you are potty training boys it can also inspire young boys to play with something else. This big change can inspire young boys to begin to explore their genitalia. Do not be alarmed by this behaviour, because it’s a totally normal part of a young boy’s maturation. Here’s how to deal with the problem without making anyone uncomfortable or upset!

Step 1: Do not scold your child for this, or tell them that it is wrong to explore this area of their body.

Step 2: Explain in a non-aggressive, non-judgemental way that this is a private area of their body and should be explored in a private place, alone.

Potty training boys often take significantly longer than training girls . No one is sure of why this is, but it isn’t something to worry about. Relax, because it is totally normal for it to take an extra two or three months to train compared to girls the same age as him. Now you have learned many useful tips for boys and it’s time to use them. Do not push him to move any faster than he’s ready to! He will get there, so be patient and make sure to keep training fun and engaging!

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