Potty Training Girls – What You Should Know

potty training girls

Potty training girls in using the toilet is both hard and exciting. Hard because it is a transition period from what she’s used to do towards a new habit that will mean so much effort for her. Exciting because you know that this marks a milestone in her life and you want to be a big part of it. You can start doing this by letting her know and understand the reason why she needs to do this. Kids at her age are very curious about things and are very creative in asking questions drawn from things you say to them. Be ready for a never ending question and answer session with her. This is a lot easier for moms to do because they are of the same gender. They can relate more and know better how to do it properly. Besides, moms are always the first teacher for kids, right? It has always be been expected that mothers should be the ones training their kids on how to do a lot of things, and that basically includes potty training girls.

It seems like just the other day that you brought your little bundle of joy home. And now you cannot believe that you are about to embark on this phase of her life. Most parents will attest to the fact that watching your child grow and learn new things is one of the most fulfilling things you’ll ever experience in your lifetime. Now, when it comes to potty training girls there are certain things that you should know. Understanding the process of getting your little one acquainted with the potty- the dos and don’ts and-will make the adjustment easier for both you and your young one. Follow these simple steps for potty training girls.

When to start potty training girls?

toilet training girlsBefore you start potty training girls it is necessary to make sure that your daughter is ready for training. She must be able to understand your commands and follow them. Potty training a girl before this stage might make her afraid of the training itself. An important aspect of successful training is knowing when to start training. It is crucial that you start training only when your daughter is ready to do so. Most toddlers will be ready to start training at 18 months; others will require more time before they are ready. So how do you tell whether your little girl is ready for the potty? There are certain physical, behavioral and cognitive signs that should alert you to your daughter’s readiness to get started on the potty and when to begin potty training girls. Physical signs include being able to walk or even run steadily and urinating a substantial amount at one time. Regular and predictable bowel movements are another sign. Also, if she has ‘dry’ period of maybe a couple of hours it means that her bladder muscles are fully developed and able to hold urine.

Behavioral signs that your princess is ready for the potty include being able to sit still in one position for two or more minutes. This means that she can sit on the potty and finish her business without losing her concentration span mid-business. If she seems interested in your bathroom habits and desires her independence, she might be ready for the potty. If your girl can tell when she is about to go, either by showing it on her face, grunting or telling you verbally, then you might want to start training. Now, once you ascertain that your daughter is ready for the potty there are certain things that you should keep in mind.

How to potty train a girl?

Potty Training Tips For GirlsTalk to her – ask her if she wants to be like you.  When training your daughter tell her that she is a young lady now. And to be so, she needs to learn how to properly use the toilet. This is a two-way process that requires an open communication between your daughter and you. If she cries and feels pressured, make it a little easier for her by play games that incorporate the training in them. Keep in mind when potty training girls that whenever she throws up tantrums, she is just trying to tell you to pause for a while and play.

Potty training girls is easier as they tend to learn faster than boys of the same age. In order for your girl to learn how to properly use the potty, ensure you establish a training routine. This means that if she usually goes in the afternoon, you should bring out the potty in the afternoon. Children thrive when there is an established routine and this applies to toilet training as well. Another effective tip that you should utilize is allowing her to imitate you. Let her see how you sit on the toilet and she will also try to do it like you. Making the process fun is another way to help your daughter learn how to use the toilet. Let her decorate her potty equipment and she will enjoy using it later. You can also get her books and videos about training so that she can see, in a fun way, the correct way to use the potty.

Shower praise on your daughter when she uses the potty correctly. Kids love it when they are appreciated and praised. It gives them an emotional incentive to do what they did in the first place over and over again. And when she does not get it right, encourage her still. Potty training girls requires patience. Remember she has never used a toilet before; this is an entirely new experience and she is trying her best. If she gets it wrong, don’t beat yourself or even her up. It happens. It only means you have to try again tomorrow. Knowing how to potty train a girl is not hard especially if you are doing it with love.

Potty training tips for girls that refuse whenever something new is introduced to them

potty training girlIt is just a normal reaction for children to refuse whenever something new is introduced to them. They feel as if this is an odd thing to do especially if they are not used to of it. When this happens, explain to your little one that she needs to practice because very soon she will be a big girl. Little girls idolize their mom the most and they want to share and imitate everything that their mother does. Tell her that she is a good girl and she should learn to go to potty on her own. Tell her that her older siblings did the same thing when they were her age. Let her know that her friends and cousins do the same thing too. Show her the picture of a kid who messes a school’s floor because of not being potty trained. Tell her that she will be teased if she still uses a diaper at this age. Buy her a colorful potty that plays music so that she enjoys using it. Using an attractive potty may also encourage her to sit on it more. With that I guess she will not resist the training any more.

How to potty train girls that are afraid of toilet?

girls potty trainingMy advice is to always accompany your daughter. This way, she will not feel that she is alone. Be with her when she wants to go to the toilet. Take her with you whenever you are going to the toilet yourself. You may also bring her potty inside the toilet for a better understanding of the training you are giving her. When you plan to teach her to use the toilet, you may also use a piece of wood where she can rest her feet and balance herself. It is still hard for them to sit and fit in an adult toilet bowl. It’s more ideal to let them step on it with the use of a wood. At first, you may stay inside with her. Try to slowly remove your presence inside by waiting for her to finish while you are outside the door.

Keep in mind that if your daughter shows resistance towards training, you should not force it on her. Some children are not ready until they are about four. Starting training when your little princess is not ready only means that you’ll have to do it longer before she gets it right. It is therefore wiser to wait until she is ready. Then you can finally say goodbye to the hassle that is changing dirty diapers.

The secret to successfully potty training girls is to have an understanding between the two of you. Make this an enjoyable activity for your child by including some games, songs, and gifts. This will make her more excited. You may also use a colorful potty that looks like a toy for her. Using pictures of her favorite cartoon character or something that is musical is also recommended.

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