When Child Feels Dirty After Bedwetting

when child feels dirty after bedwetting

Children who wet the bed may be teased by other children about the urine odor which may linger about their clothes and rooms. Even if this is not the case, many children associate urine with something “gross” or “dirty” and may feel disgust with their own bodies. If skin irritation develops, children may feel even dirtier, seeing marks of their bedwetting on their skin.

When your child thinks, “I’m dirty.”

You can help your child feel clean by keeping their room and clothes clean and odor-free. Frequent washing, airing out of rooms and clothes, and use of a deodorizing cleaning product will usually keep odor away. Room sprays can also help. Using absorbent undergarments or sheet liners can help control odor and wetness. Also, help your child care for his or her skin or body and ensure that they always have fresh sheets and clothes on hand to use after an “accident.”

You will also want to speak frankly with your child about urine and body waste. Explaining where it comes from and what it is can help your child overcome some of his or her disgust. Be sure that you do not encourage any of these negative feelings by wrinkling your nose or expressing distaste when cleaning after your child. Any other person in charge of cleaning up after your child should be taught the same.

Help Your Kid Feels Clean After Bedwetting

Bedwetting always leaves many problems both for the parent and kid though it is just a common thing that happens in many children and even teenagers. For the parent, bed wetting means additional work to not only clean the house but also change the sheets, do more laundry, and remove unpleasant odor from the kid’s bedroom. And I guess that is a lot frustrating for you. Now, let us see from the point of view of your child. When he wets the bed, firstly he feels embarrassed especially if he thinks bed wetting is only for toddlers. Then, he also feels very much guilty for making you upset and giving a lot more house work to do.

The last feeling he probably has is dirty, yes the thought that ‘I am dirty for the odor and the wet on my sheets and clothes’. You may think this is not a big deal, yes for you, but it is a big problem for your little one and if the feeling lingers for a long time, there is a possibility for a bigger trouble to come like low self-esteem and socialization problems.

In my opinion, in a certain level, it is normal for your kid to feel dirty after bedwetting considering that his environment teaches him that toilet business is something not clean so that it needs to be done in the right place. Unfortunately, the environment sometimes acts unsupportively to your child; his friends tease him by saying he is smelly and his hands need to be washed again and again. I can imagine how sad and depressed your kid is in this situation. If I were you, surely I would help him to feel more comfortable and no longer thinks he is dirty:

Apply ‘no teasing’ rule

At least in the house, everybody should not make fun of the bedwetting he does. Therefore, it is much recommended for you to apply ‘no teasing’ rule either for adults or children who live or come to the house. Nobody can say he is smelly or disgusting; you may give light punishments for the rule breakers.

Avoid criticizing or scolding

Sometimes, you are just too tired to clean all the mess in the bedroom. However, if you want to safe your child from the dirty feeling, try not to say something like ‘you make your room dirty every night’ or it is disgusting, you do it again’. Besides that hurts his feeling, your words strengthen his assumption that he is dirty for real.

Take it easy

You probably do not say anything about bedwetting, but you show the expressions that you are disgusted by wrinkling your nose. Do not do that, Mom. Why don’t you try to take the clean-up easy? Just remove the dirty sheets and use the room spray to make air in the room cleaner and fresher. Do not forget to also help your child clean his body by showering or washing his hands thoroughly. Make sure no smelly odor lingers in his body or clothes so he feels fresh and he knows he is now clean.

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