When Child Feels Insecure

When Child Feels Insecure

Insecurity is a bigger problem than many think. It can lead to experimentation with drugs in older children who want to “fit in” and it can lead to a host of destructive behaviors, even in younger children. It can prevent children from trying new things and hold them back from excelling. It can also lead to image problems and feelings of unhappiness or even depression.

When your child thinks, “I feel insecure.”

No child will simply come right out and say it that way, but there are many signs that a child is feeling that way on some level. Children who feel this way will often try to be loud to garner more attention or will be quieter and try to attract as little attention as possible. Children may bully others or attract bullies as a target. They may cling to the home, fearful of venturing anywhere else. They may become quite clingy and demanding in all sorts of ways.

Building self-esteem in children is a long road, but it can be done. Start by praising your child for the things that he or she does right. Also encourage your child to take part in activities or try things outside the home. Often, when a child accomplishes something “all by themselves” the pride of the success will outweigh all the positive praise possible, as it creates a real feeling of accomplishment.

My Child Feels Insecure, Can It Be Cured?

Children with their tender feeling are easy to feel insecure and many people think this comes up as the result of conflicts in parents, bullying at school or something like that. However, in fact, the feeling of insecurity in your child can also appear due to a common condition for instance bedwetting. Why did I call it so? Bedwetting or nocturnal enuresis is very common and normal in children under 7 years old; unfortunately, your child does not take it that way.

When he wets the bed, he has mixed feelings of embarrassment, shame, guilt, anger, inferior, plus insecure. In my opinion, his feeling is understandable although he is not supposed to be so: your child and many other kids see bedwetting as something for a baby thus when your little one does that, he feels like an infant and it is impossible to fit in a ‘grown-ups’ community.

Insecurity due to bedwetting can also come up from inferiority he possesses. Your child possibly envies his friends who are no longer wetting the bed, in this way, he feels lower than others. This inferiority leads your child to self-isolation from his environment that he does not want to socialize like other children or try something new. Instead, he is much more comfortable to just stay at home playing with himself or cling to you, his beloved mom. You know this is not how your kid is supposed to be, so do something to heal him:

Praise, praise, praise

Probably you never thought that bedwetting can make your child loses his self-esteem and ends up in insecurity. Experts say you cannot prevent this feeling, but you are obviously able to re-build his self-esteem through what you think of him. Be proud of your adorable child for the things he can do well, then praise, praise and praise him. What others think of his babyish condition is important for him, yet your view is much more valuable.

Build his self-concept

How you see yourself is a lot important than what others think of you, this is something you need to tell your child about besides the never-ending praises that make him feel loved. Whenever he says something negative about himself like “I cannot stop wetting my bed, I will never ever grow up”, remind him that there was also times when he succeeded having dry nights. Help him to see things more realistically that failure does not always come, sometimes he makes a good friend with success.

Be his model

Parents always become a role model for children, and so do you. Your child watches what you do and how you live your life. For instance, you are setting up a high standard of achievement and one time, you fail reaching the point; you will be definitely down and insecure. It is good for you to show him the way setting up a certain target, but never forget that human beings have their limitation as well. So, introduce him to self-limitation as a part of his life to minimize his insecurity.

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