When Children Isolate Themselves

When Children Isolate Themselves, Take Action!

Bedwetting can lead some children to isolate themselves and can also lead to such a low state of self-esteem and happiness that children will stop their regular fun activities as well – even if those activities do not involve sleeping over or even other people. This can be a serious sign of upset and should be taken seriously. Many children who wet the bed show less interest in spending lots of time with others, especially if they are teased or are trying to prevent others from learning about their bedwetting.

When your child thinks, “I don’t want to go anywhere.”

A lack of interest in what is happening can be a big problem of bedwetting. Children can become unenthusiastic, depressed, listless, and apathetic, leading to lack of activity and increasing depression.

You can try enticing your child’s interest in new things by encouraging him or her to take part in new activities that seem appealing. Offer support for activities that your child has done in the past that he or she has excelled in, and offer some part of an activity as a treat.

For example, if your child has always liked baseball, buy him or her a new glove or a baseball card to revive interest. If nothing seems to work and apathy lasts longer than a week or so, take your child to a doctor to make sure that no physical problem or serious emotional trauma are causing the disinterestedness.

When Children Isolate Themselves, Take Action!

From years ago until now, bedwetting still becomes a serious problem for most children although their parents no longer take it as a big deal as they have realized that it is just a normal phenomenon in a child. Well, in this way, at least your child can be a little bit relaxed for he knows you will not scold him for wetting the bed. However, in fact you cannot avoid some other effects of bedwetting which is related to his environment, for instance embarrassment of being teased, anger, and even isolation.

Wish for the best that his friends do not do something that hurt his feeling yet sometimes, it is your own child who does that. Unbelievable, isn’t it? I guess it is because of the guilt and shame that up to his age, he is not able to control his bladder. As the consequence, he isolate himself from his society or activities involving others.

The isolation may turn worse when he receives uncomfortable response due to bedwetting from his surroundings, like teasing and even bullying. You can imagine how hard the time he has to go through and no wonder he decides to just limit his engagement in the activities involving people. So, do you think you can just let it go and hope that one day your child can handle his feeling? A big no. He does need your help to get him out of the isolation he make by himself. Be there for your child and try to do these:

Open your house to your child’s friends

To make your child socialize better and go out of his isolation, sometimes you have to move first by providing a chance he cannot deny like inviting his best friends to come to the house to play or watch movies together. As time passes, he will feel safer and even get bored of playing inside the house and that is the time to improve his socialization outside. It is just like doing a thing step by step, isn’t it?

Always be with him, if needed

What is the reason for the isolation he makes? He is afraid of being teased by others due to the bedwetting he does. Therefore, help him by always be there when he needs you so he feels secured. You can encourage him to join a particular activity he loves outside the house, for instance playing baseball or painting, yet make sure you accompany him at least once or twice to ensure him this is a nice environment and nobody will harm your child there.

Present always works

When you know he gradually feels comfortable with his new environment because nobody teases him about his bedwetting, do not forget to give support, in a different way. Give him a surprise! Buy one thing that is related to the activity he is engaging in; if he likes baseball, buy a new gloves or probably he loves drawing, you can get a set of crayon. He will be more motivated and happy to do new things with his friends.

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