How to Use Emu Oil for Nail Fungus

Emu oil has been used in ancient times to cure different diseases. Furthermore, this oil is from emu fat due to refining to non-pore oil clogging natural cream. The experiments conducted in modern days indicate that emu oil is effective in eradicating nail fungus without leading to any side effects.

Therefore, how do you use Emu oil for nail fungus You need to note that nail fungus does not reside in dead nails but live in tissues around and underneath the dead nails. Emu oil is perfect for nail fungus eradication since the fatty acids in it are similar to those of the human’s skin. Thus, your skin is likely to absorb emu oil naturally and enable it to penetrate the entire skin’s seven layers. After emu oil has penetrated in the lower layers of the skin, it diminishes the nail fungus by ensuring it suppresses its potential to reproduce. So, when you repeatedly apply emu oil, it can smother the nail fungus through a continuous suppression.

Apart from using Emu oil, you can also opt to use EMUAID for nail fungus. Emuaid ointment can reach all your damaged nails immediately after application and eliminate all the fungi responsible for causing irritation and infection. It penetrates deep into the bed of your nail to tackle the source of the issue. The powerful ingredients for healing commence repairing brittle, discolored, and dry nails immediately after application. The oxygen booster also plays a crucial role in blood flow stimulation to promote healthy nails’ rapid growth; you can consider it as a measure of prevention, especially for future infections. Therefore to eliminate nail fungus, you can opt to use either Emuaid or emu oil for effective and efficient results.

On the other hand, an oral prescription medication for nail fungus remedies like Lamisil might have serious side effects. Note that some nail fungus treatments contain Phospholipids; this substance cannot fully penetrate on the entire seven layers of your skin to ultimately achieve the removal of fungi. Thus, emu oil for nail fungus has emerged to be very popular due to the consistent penetration ability; furthermore, it is also cost-effective. Nail fungus only needs some drops of emu oil to function effectively.


Ensure that you conduct sufficient research on emu oil remedy for nail fungus before you go ahead to make your purchase to avoid some companies from pulling a trick on you. Moreover, the maximum emu oil quality is light in color, odorless, and tasteless.

Proper storage of Emu oil

When you store your Emu oil appropriately between treatments, its effectiveness is not likely to be diminished. Store Emu oil away from direct sunlight and other sources that generate extreme heat. Make sure that you store it under room temperature in an enclosed space or cabinet. You can also store emu oil in the refrigerator. However, when you take it out, allow it to settle at room temperature before application.


Based on the above information, you now have a clear understanding of how to use emuaid or emu oil for nail fungus. Ensure that you implement the above information for the effectiveness of the medication.

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