How to Use Tea Tree Oil For Nail Fungus


Nail fungus can impact the nails on the feet or hands. However, several treatments recommended for nail fungus have no potential to eradicate fungus but can prevent it from reaching many parts. This kind of medication is likely to lead to skin irritation and other signs, such as an ingrown nail. Therefore, most people opt for tea tree oil as an ideal treatment for nail fungus.

Note that Tea tree oil is a crucial oil with several therapeutic benefits. Moreover, it has antiseptic as well as antifungal properties hence being a perfect medication for nail fungus. On the other hand, nail fungus is usually challenging to treat because it cannot heal immediately.

How to use on nail fungus?

This treatment is easy to use. You need to add tea tree oil into your carrier oil like coconut oil to dilute your oil and minimizes reaction chances. You can choose to use a cotton swab for application or soak your cotton in a less concentrated tea tree oil and apply it on the fungal area for some minutes. Additionally, each week you can severally try a foot soak. Ensure that you add approximately five drops of your tea oil to ½ ounces of the carrier oil. After that, thoroughly mix, stir in a warm water bucket, and soak your feet for at most 20 minutes.

You need to ensure that you maintain your nails nicely trimmed and neat during the entire healing process. Furthermore, it is vital to use a nail file, scissors, and clean nail clippers to remove dead nails. On the other hand, try to keep your affected nails dry and clean all the time. Each time you are from running a treatment on your nails, it is appropriate that you thoroughly wash your hands to prevent the infection from spreading.

What duration does it take to heal?

For you to recover or heal completely, you need to exercise consistency with your treatment to observe the results. Note that it takes some months for your nail to heal completely; however, the duration of healing depends on how serious the infection is likely to be and how you respond to the medication. You can continue with your tree oil treatment even when the nail has healed to ensure that the infection does not reoccur.

Buying vital oil

You must use maximum quality tea tree oil for effective results. Therefore, below are things you should consider when purchasing tea tree oil:

Purchase organic oil.

Find tea tree oil with 10-40% terpinen concentration since it is the primary antifungal and antiseptic elements of your tree oil.
Ensure that your oil is 100% pure.
Make sure you also purchase your tea tree oil from a trusted brand.

Oil storage

Avoid extreme temperatures, moisture, and direct sunlight from reaching your oil. The tea tree oil is essential at room temperature. In case you live in a warm climate, you must store your oil in the refrigerator.


From the above information, you now have an idea on how to use your tea tree oil for nail fungus. Therefore, it calls on you to follow the above information while using your tea tree oil.

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